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Pregnancy Exercises for A Normal and Safe Delivery

You must consult your health guide before opting for any exercises during pregnancy. The exercise overdose, intensity and frequency are all serious points to be considered for pregnant women. You must be careful while performing some exercises. Some of them are really risky and uncomfortable. It thus becomes necessary for you to consult the doctor. If you have already been practicing some exercises, altering them will do you no harm; they will in fact benefit you. You must keep your heartbeat below 140 beats specifically, during the last three months. You must also drink lots of water and restrain from overheating.

To ensure yourself of a normal and safe delivery, practice the following exercises:

1. Walking

Walking is the most advantageous aerobatic exercise that gives you a total workout and facilitates movement for the baby too. Walking is the right remedy for multiple problems like constipation, high blood pressure and restlessness. You should walk for at least 15-30 minutes in the morning and for about half an hour in the evening. Outdoor walking is more beneficial than indoor walking. You must choose long distances and walk slowly. Wear comfortable shoes to avoid the risk of falling. Walking is beneficial to the pregnant mother as well as the unborn baby.

2. Swimming

Swimming is one of the fastest exercises that fitness experts recommend for the pregnant women. It not only builds your muscles, but also keeps your body fit without adding any eight or stress. It avoids muscle injury or strain. It is a sort of cardiovascular exercise that regulates and maintains your heart beat. Moreover, water acts as a coolant and also prevents the swelling of your legs.

3. Cycling

Cycling is another beneficial exercise. It is better to practice it on a stationary bike, as the center of gravity moves as you grow due to which the chances of falling while actually cycling are more. It becomes difficult to maintain the balance as the baby grows and tummy expands. To avoid excess stress, you must cycle slowly. You must ensure that you do not overdo the exercise.

4. Jogging and Running-

Running and jogging are useful exercises for the pregnant women. If you have been doing exercise and jogging before you were pregnant, it is no harm if you continue doing so during your pregnancy days. On the other hand, if you are into this particular exercise for the first time, you must consult your doctor at the start itself. Your doctor will guide and give you instructions about how much distance to cover and for how much time you should do the exercise. While jogging or running, you must ensure that you are wearing good shoes and are hydrated enough.

5. Yoga

Yoga is perhaps the most ancient exercises that have been in practice since ages. It energizes the body and relieves the pressure and stress off the body. They are beneficial to the mother and child if they are not done rigorously. There are special yoga trainers for pregnant women. You must avoid lying on your back for too long and also refrain from over stretching.

The Best Steroids for Getting Lean and Mean

For anyone wishing to get really lean and cut out on the fat and get into shape, there are a number of steroids that can be used effectively for that, such as primobolan, winstrol, anavar, trenbolone, testosterone propionate and also masteron.

The most prominent of all these steroids used for leaning out is most probably winstrol, purely because it has been very popular for years and rumored as being the best steroid for anyone wishing to lean out. This leaves no doubt that almost everyone with a strong urge to lean out has heard if does not know winstrol. It is a perfect choice for leaning out because of its ability to really harden up the muscle mass of its users, thus making the muscles appear hardened and rounded.

Anavar is number two on these list of the best steroids probably is the known steroid after the well known winstrol. Anavar is popular with very many body builders and professional weight lifts. The reason for its popularity is its amazing ability of increasing the strength at the same time aiding a person to burn hi/her body fat. In fact a study carried out among its users from a sample of male users suggested that between 10 to 20 milligrams of a dosage of anavar per day do increase the fat burning process by around 80%. It may not be magical but could be really beneficial.

Trenbolone is another proven steroid that makes up the list of best steroids, and being such a distinct and unique steroid it well deserves lot of respect. In fact out of most steroids in the substance market, trenbolone basically the most effective, but also comes with a dosage of side effects right after the steroid anadol. Trenbolone literally makes one some how shed all of the body fat more than any other steroid while at the same time aiding one in the packing up on ones muscles. Therefore the question is why it comes a distant fifth.

This is due to its limited use of around six weeks, a period that makes it quite unrealistic for anyone considering a long term use of 16 weeks in a steroid cycle. Also the cardio shape of the user is definitely hindered by trenbolone, making any cardiovascular activity to be diminished greatly as much as it is crucial during a single steroid cycle.

Primobolan is basically the best steroid for anyone wishing to cut up, and out of a list of the best steroids it ranks number one. It helps a sure to have a low calorie diet as he/she continues to increase the muscle mass. In fact a diet with primobolan, with anavar and winstrol yields a fat loss averaging fifteen to twenty percent and also a gain in muscles of around ten to fifteen lbs. This has made it the best stack of steroid anyone can desire for.

In addition human growth hormone can be used with primobolan to cut up. Initially the hormone was derived from dead human bodies in its earlier version. This has now changed and all of the human growth hormone is basically synthetic.

Dumbbell Cardio Replaces Boring Aerobic Exercise

Are you using dumbbells for your cardio workout? I thought not. You’re about to learn why dumbbell cardio is better than boring aerobic exercise for improving heart and lung power, burning fat and building a high performance, athletic body.

Workout programs traditionally are split into resistance training (like weight lifting) and cardio (like jogging, rowing or biking). Or these two types of workouts are done on separate days. And more often than not exercisers head for the treadmill, exercise bike or row machine for the cardio session. I don’t see people picking up dumbbells when it comes time to do their cardio workout.

Over the past year or so, most trainers (myself included), have moved away from aerobic exercise in favor of anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is high intensity exercise for short periods of time, repeated. Think of sprint intervals.

Evidence shows that anaerobic activity is better than aerobic activity for improving endurance, strengthening the heart and lungs and even burning fat. Not to mention it helps you become more athletic and preserves hard earned muscle. Unfortunately, not a lot of exercisers have made the switch because they have been programmed to do an aerobic workout in their “target heart rate zone”.

So, it comes as no surprise that the jump to dumbbell cardio workouts have not caught on. A dumbbell cardio workout is when you do a series of dumbbell exercises in a circuit with as little rest as possible between exercises. I also use the term “dumbbell intervals” because you alternate between periods of high intensity exercise and rest.

Dumbbell cardio is a better choice for a great cardio (and full body) workout for a lot of reasons. First, and the most simple reason, is you don’t need an expensive equipment like exercise bikes, row machines or treadmills. All you need is a set of dumbbells and you’re ready to go. This also is great if you work out in a crowded gym (yuk!), where the cardio machines are in constant use.

Second, dumbbell cardio gets your heart and breathing going using the ENTIRE body, not just part of the body like the legs. Your heart has to pump blood to the muscles of the legs, the core and the upper body. This improves heart and lung function for real world, unpredictable activities better than jogging would.

Third, aerobic exercise goes against your physique building. Yes, it does burn fat while you are doing it… but it also tells the body to do what it takes to get lighter. This means you body also sacrifices muscle to reduce the weight. On the other hand, using dumbbell cardio sends the signal to get rid of fat, but in a way that preserves the muscles of your entire body because they are needed for the completion of the workouts.

So, the next time you are looking for a great cardio workout that actually helps you build a high-performance, lean, athletic body walk past the cardio machines and pick up a pair of dumbbells instead. Plus, you might just realize how effective dumbbells are as a complete workout tool. Give dumbbell cardio workouts a try instead of boring aerobic exercise.

3 Things You Must Do To Prepare For Delivery

When you receive the wonderful news that you are pregnant, you’ll definitely feel on top of the world and utterly ecstatic. But once the news sinks in, you need to begin preparing for the rest of your pregnancy and the delivery. There are a number of decisions to be made and factors to be taken into consideration. Several things need to be arranged in advance so you can have a stress-free pregnancy and delivery.

Here are some of the things you must do to prepare:

Calculate your due date:

There are many different pregnancy calculators and due date calculators available online. They take into account the first day of your last menstrual period to calculate your ovulation period and date of conception. Depending on these they provide you with an approximate date of delivery. Using a pregnancy week calculator helps you to not only chart your baby’s development but the changes in your body as well. When you know your accurate week you can check whether your symptoms are as expected or abnormal in any way. A pregnancy due date calculator also helps you to plan and prepare for your little one’s arrival efficiently.

Decide on your hospital:

The hospital in which you deliver your baby must be chosen with careful consideration of a number of different factors. It should have various facilities that you may need in case of any emergency during the delivery. The hospital must be equipped for good quality post-natal care and not be too far away from your place of residence. You should also do a check on the qualifications of its staff. Once you’ve decided on the hospital, you can inform your near and dear ones. You should also practise going to the hospital or trying different routes a few days before the due date and familiarise yourself with the hospital’s layout to prevent panic on the delivery day.

Plan your diet and fitness regime:

One of the most important things you need to take care of once you are pregnant is your health and fitness. You need to plan a healthy and balanced diet that includes plenty of fibre, nuts, fruits, vegetables and protein. Pregnancy requires you to make a few lifestyle changes as well. You must abstain completely from alcohol, smoking and caffeine. Your fitness level should also be improved, or maintained if it’s already good. Speak to your doctor about the different kind of exercises you can engage in. Low impact aerobics and swimming are great options. Yoga and meditation will help you stay calm and centred even during stressful times. Stress is harmful for your baby, so you need to practise breathing exercises. You can also choose to attend Lamaze classes.

Boot Camp Workout Benefits For Women

Until recent times, few women thought of boot camp workouts as a solution to their fitness and weight loss problems, but recently the many benefits of fitness boot camps have prompted more women to reexamine the advantages of enrolling in boot camp to get into shape. No matter what your current fitness level is, it is difficult to beat the many health benefits women can receive with a regular boot camp workout.

One of the main motivating factors in women choosing fitness boot camp to help them get into shape and lose weight is that fitness boot camp offers one of the best workouts for weight loss – even if you’ve had problems losing weight before. A well-designed boot camp class will offer a progression of each exercise for novice, intermediate and advanced boot camp participants. As you gain fitness and strength, the progressive difficulty of each exercise will continue to challenge youOne reason that boot camp workouts work so well for weight loss and toning muscle is that these fitness workouts are based on exercise science and physiology, using the proven techniques of resistance and cardiovascular training, as well as specific weight training exercises. Building muscle is essential to boosting the body’s metabolism and effectively and efficiently losing weight by burning more calories throughout the day.

Another reason that fitness boot camps are such a great way to get into shape and lose weight is that they provide structure and consistency. Without having structure to your fitness program, and consistently participating, your chances of reaching your goal of having a great looking and fit body are greatly reduced. With a fitness boot camp, not only are the workouts intense enough to provide you with the results you want, but you will find that the personal trainers and instructors help provide the necessary motivation to keep you consistent.

Fitness boot camps also provide significant health benefits. One of the most important health concerns for women is heart disease; so cardiovascular health should be one of the main goals when choosing an exercise program. Boot camp workouts provide enough cardio exercise to help keep a heart healthy and reducing the chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Another benefit of the boot camp classes is the decreasing risk of osteoporosis by improving bone density. The weight-bearing exercises often found in a boot camp workout are important in increasing a woman’s bone density.

Time management is another attractive feature of fitness boot camp for women. In most cases one can get a vigorous total body workout in a short 45 minute to one-hour session while burning over 700 calories. These workouts are usually far better than other exercise programs that take twice as long to participate in. This high-calorie burning workout is an advantage to the modern woman who is often short on time.

The benefits of fitness boot camps are for women of all fitness levels. If you are looking for an effective method of getting into shape, consider enrolling in a fitness boot camp for one of the best ways to lose weight and shapeup.

Steroid Pills: Common Types

Bodybuilders and athletes use hormones, in the form of steroid pills and injections, to attain impressive body strength and muscular growth. These pills, medically known as androgens and anabolic steroids, consist of the male sex hormones. These are more popularly called toners, juices or candy! Although this is the most common form of steroid pill, pills containing other hormones are also available, such as:

Female sex hormones: Steroid pills comprising hormones such as estrogen and progesterone promote the development of sexual characteristics in women.

Corticosteroids: This group of artificial steroids mimics naturally-produced cortisone, which is responsible for regulating inflammation and helps deal with injury and infection.

Common Steroid Pills and Their Functions

Some of the most commonly used steroid pills are:

Anavar: Anavar is a very mild anabolic steroid used frequently for fighting weight loss caused by HIV and alcoholic hepatitis and in patients with Turner’s syndrome. These steroid pills enhance body strength and accelerate gain in muscle mass. This pill is not well suited for enhancing body bulk.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): Secreted in high levels by the adrenal gland, the circulating levels of DHEA in the body peaks at the age of 25 and declines steadily thereafter. DHEA deficiencies lead to several medical problems, such as breast cancer and heart diseases.

Prednisone: A dehydrogenated analogue of cortisol, prednisone is used for treating various autoimmune diseases such as severe asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and allergies. It also prevents the body from rejecting a transplanted organ.

Testosterone: These steroid pills accelerate the synthesis of muscle proteins, with increased size of muscle fibers and a faster repairing process. These pills also help enhance endurance and muscle strength.

Tetrahydrogestrinone: This pill is used to enhance the sports performance of athletes. Due to this reason, this steroid has been banned.

Steranobol: Steranobol is an artificial androgenic steroid with anabolic properties similar to that of testosterone. It is an illegal drug used to enhance the physical performance of users. This drug has also been banned by several sports authorities.

Winstrol: This drug has mild anabolic properties vis-à-vis other steroids. Hence, this pill is stacked with other anabolic steroids to enhance body strength without any weight gain.

Although steroid pills provide impressive results, their discontinuation may cause depression in users. You can get extensive information on steroid pills and buy genuine pills at affordable prices on the website

Is Combining Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercise Best For Burning Fat?

Aerobic exercise is normally the first thing that comes to mind when people think about burning fat. While most people dread the thought of endless, boring hours working in the aerobic heart rate zone, it is normally what people turn to to lose fat. But the good news is, combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise is the best for burning fat.

But before I tell you why combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise is better than aerobic exercise alone, lets talk about what “aerobic” and “anaerobic” means.

Aerobic means in the presence of oxygen. Any activity performed at a low to moderate intensity for more than 90 seconds, allowing oxygen to release energy through metabolism, is called an aerobic activity.

The benefits of aerobic activity are…

Increased Cardiovascular Function
Decrease in Body Fat

But prolonged aerobic exercise has its negatives…

Decreased Muscle Mass
Decreased Strength
Decreased Power
Decreased Speed
Decreased Anaerobic Capacity

You should start realizing why combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise is a better option.

Anaerobic means in the absence of oxygen. Any activity performed at a medium to high intensity for less than 2 minutes, where energy is derived without oxygen, is usually called an anaerobic activity.

The benefits of anaerobic activity are…

Increased Cardiovascular Function
Decrease in Body Fat
Increased Muscle Mass
Improved Strength
Improved Power
Improved Speed
Increased Aerobic Capacity

And the negatives of anaerobic activity are…

Anaerobic activity requires an aerobic foundation

As you can plainly see, anaerobic activity is the better choice. And you might be asking, “Why do you say combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise is best? Why not just do anaerobic exercise?”
Combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise is necessary because it is impossible to exercise at the high intensity level of anaerobic exercise for the entire workout. Even if you try to work at such a high intensity, you eventually become fatigue and drift back into the aerobic zone. So, while it is possible to exercise in the aerobic zone for the entire workout, it is impossible to exercise exclusively at an anaerobic pace.

This is why combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise is a must for an optimal fat loss workout!

Here is the bad news. Most people that want to lose fat and build a muscular body ARE combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise. They are just combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise all WRONG!

The sad fact is, most workouts claiming to burn fat by combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise are doing “bodybuilding” style weight training followed by an aerobic activity. And unless you plan to spend hours a day in the gym (like bodybuilders do), then you won’t get the results they do.

Think of it this way. There should be two “types” of exercise you perform… resistance training and energy system training. And when you are combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise, it is not just in the energy system training portion. You should be intelligently combining aerobic and anaerobic activity during the entire workout.

So, combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise is key to your fat loss success. But how you combine the two is even more important, If you’ve been combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise with bodybuilding weight training followed by aerobic exercise and failed to get the fat loss results you wanted… you’re not alone.

Combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise is not enough… you need to combine both to get maximum fat loss results.

Be More with Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids have been around in the bodybuilding world for decades. They are very popular in recent times. But one has to know the purpose of its intake before taking one. If you want to buy anabolic steroids online in the USA it’s easy simply contact Roid. Expert, world’s largest steroid wholesaler and known for most efficient and reliable anabolic steroid retail site.

What do they do?

Anabolic steroids are manufactured duplicates of testosterone, which is a characteristic hormone that is delivered by the testicles or the ovaries in ladies. Guys particularly have a higher testosterone generation than females as this is the thing that makes us ready to develop muscle speedier and simpler.  You can buy oral steroids online in the USA and use it while working out in the gym.

Numerous weight lifters are frequently enticed to utilize them as they hear the greater part of the buildup on how they can expand the size and quality to unprecedented levels. The way they work is by expanding your body.  This is the point at which it causes your quality levels and weight to soar.

How can anabolic steroids be used?

There are two approaches to take anabolic steroids. The primary is oral which is anything but difficult to use as it is only a pill, yet the terrible part is it pounds the liver. The other approach to take steroids is to infuse them. This has a more anabolic impact and is less harming to the liver. In any case, both of them will help you expand muscle mass and build power.

Caution to be taken while using anabolic steroids

You need to utilize it with mindfully and responsibly. You can begin taking anabolic steroid in a little sum and after that consider the impacts. On this trial period, watch the impact the steroid can have the all alone body. For now, you will on trial period where you’ll need to make sure there is an adequate alert basically to be protected and sound.


The article talks about one of the most used steroids, i.e. anabolic steroids. Body builders used them to build up a bulky well-toned body from decades. But one needs to take it responsibility and with a clear understanding of what they are on medication.

On such consult, a specialist before using the dose as one can simply choose either of the ways. They are oral or by injecting in the body. While later is most prescribed. Concerning the people who utilize an oral steroid, they should be careful to additionally have a registration from the doctor. If you want to buy anabolic steroids online the USA, simply check it on Roid. Expert. They are world’s largest steroid online store. There are many athletes also who use anabolic steroids for muscle mass built up. Before opting for steroids, one need to start with small dosages and then study the effect on the body simultaneously one can increase with the progress.

Choosing the right display material for your pull up banners 

The presentation of advertisements is one of the main factors for its success or failure. Hence companies invest a lot of time and money in the proper presentation of advertisements to get a fruitful response from the customers.

Banners are very helpful in drawing out people because they are closer to the ground and people can view them correctly. They are neither too big nor too small hence perfect for presentations. Beside the commonly seen rectangular banners there is another type of banners which are quickly stealing the show. Known as pull up banners, these are flexible light and effective presenters. What common banners did to outdoor promotions, pull ups did to indoor presentations making it very easy for people to know what’s on offer.

These stands can be erected at any given place very quickly and are durable in nature, hence loved by many advertisers across the world. There are a many from a variety of materials to impart the necessary glamour and appeal to advertisements.

There are four main types of graphics used with pull up banner stands. The best quality available are cloth fabric graphics, printed using the dye sublimation printing method. Dye sublimation is a print method that uses dye instead of ink, which, during the post printing process is put through heated pressurized rollers and is converted to a gaseous state. Simultaneously, the cells of the polyester fabric, which is the most common fabric used for this process and comes in many different styles from sheer to stretchable to satin to heavy two-sided knit material, expand and open, allowing the dye, which is in a gaseous state, to become trapped inside the cells as they cool down having passed through the rollers.

This print method produces continuous tone printing, similar to a photographic print as opposed to the dot pattern printing of a digital printing process which is used on the other types of banners used in retractable banner stands.

The second type of material used in pull-up displaysis PVC or vinyl banner material. It is a lighter weight material so that it will stay compact when rolled up inside the cartridge. Vinyl banner material is almost always printed digitally nowadays, whereas it used to be screen printed. Screen printing is cost effective when the quantities are large, but there are now digital printers that can print more than of two hundred per hour with almost no setup time involved like screen printing has, so printing is moving toward digital printing in such a way that one wonders if screen printing will become obsolete soon.

A third type of material would be flexible polypropylene, a glossy material that prints nicely, but would probably not bear more than a couple usages as it is a flimsier material than  either of the previous options. However, for inexpensive short term advertising where our client may be switching out graphics weekly or monthly, this can be a viable option.

The fourth option would be a plasticized paper product that is water-resistant and relatively tough. It can have a gloss or matte finish, but would be similar to the previous banner material in that it would be best for short term usage or as a pull up banner that was changed out relatively frequently for retail or promotional usage.

Thus depending upon their advertisement needs, both small and big businesses can use them to appeal to clients. These banners simplify product demos, seminars and ad campaigns and can help build a brand easily. Choosing the right materials and the right graphics for the banner ensures that your message is circulated well to viewers.

Pros and Cons of This Women Fitness Plan

While some may mistake this for a weight loss plan, it is nothing of the sort. The goal is to get you to look your best by changing your body so that certain ratios in it (such as hip/waist or shoulder/waist ratios) get closer to a number called the Venus Index.

This index was found to represent a ratio which makes a woman’s body look appealing and attractive. In addition, there are indications that it also has beneficial health considerations. Women who are closer to the index may be less prone to certain disease.

However, the major thing is that you get to look better, not just thinner but more attractive. This is what the Venus Index program is all about.

The main part of the program are the workouts in which you train your body with strength exercises to get it into better shape. These workouts are intense so you do need to make an effort with this plan to succeed with it.

Venus Index was created by John Barban and Brad Pilon, two people who know a lot about fitness, working out, and nutrition. However, this doesn’t mean that their program is perfect. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons I’ve noticed when I read the program.


– The workouts are all shown in video and pictures so it’s easy to follow and do all the workouts correctly.

– The program can work for any woman, at any fitness level. You just need to be in good health to be able to do the workouts.

– The program isn’t about pounds and weighing yourself. You just need to get into the best shape for your body. You’re not competing with anyone else.

– You don’t need to count calories or to limit yourself too much. You can enjoy your favorite foods, within reason, of course.

– Created by two well known experts who can help you get results.


– The nutrition element of Venus Index gives a lot of freedom, Perhaps too much freedom. Some women would have found a more structured eating plan useful.

– Only works for women. Men will not find this program useful.

Overall, the Venus Index is an excellent fitness and nutrition plan for women who want to get their body into great shape. You need to be ready to make an effort to work with it.

Best Pull Up Bars for You

Why should I be doing pull ups?

From every branch of military foreign and domestic to your hardened parolee serving time, pound for pound pull ups are an all in one work out incorporating eighteen different muscles in one exercise. Simply put being able to pull up your own body weight makes you a bad ass. Pull ups are the true measure of power it shows your true strength to body weight ratio. Repeated repetitions and daily routines allow you to quickly see results and improved overall upper body conditioning. And the best part is you don’t have to join the armed services or go to prison to get better at performing pull ups. You can do this at home for a very minimal investment.

Can girls do pull ups?

With training and practice anyone can do pull ups. Whether you use pull up assist bands, a box or chair to perform jumping pull ups all these will help you build your strength and allow you to achieve your goal of performing a unassisted pull up. Start by just hanging with your arms extended and get your joints and muscles accustomed to the start of the pull up position. Then practice hanging with your elbows bent chin at the bar. The longer you can hold yourself in this position the stronger you will become. Then incorporate slowly lowering yourself from the bar down to the dead hang arms extended bottom position. These “Negative” pull ups will further build your strength and confidence. With a little time and repetition combine all three of these movements and you will be doing a pull up.

Whats the difference between a pull up and a chin up?

Quite simply a chin up vs. pull up comes down to your hand grip. When doing a pull up your will be looking at the tops of your hands. When performing a pull up you will be gripping the bar underhanded and will be facing your palms. Both are important variations and experimenting with both you will notice chin ups are bicep and arm driven where pull ups are back and shoulder driven.

What else can I do with my pull up bar?

Add some gymnastic rings and you now have a dip and body row station. Add some ab exercises to your routine as well. From a dead hang position lift your knees to your elbows and feel the burn from your abdominal region to your hands and arms which are holding you there. Or do some burpee pull ups one of my favorites. Nowhere else can you buy a piece of equipment that does so much.

Use a ladder to boost your reps!

I have found that doing a ladder workout approach has benefited my overall strength and ability to add repetitions to my max effort. It’s simple start with 1 pull up then a short period of rest. Then do 2 pull ups and rest. Then 3 pull ups and rest. Do this until you can no longer add reps to your sets. You can modify this by starting with 2 pull ups then 4 then 6 then 8 then 10 and by the end of your ladder you can easily have just done 30 or more pull ups.

What pull up bar should I buy?

First decide what options your space allows. Doorway pull up bars are acceptable however the more serious athlete will want to consider a sturdy safer fixed mount pull up bar-chin up bar that attaches to your wall or ceiling. My personal choice was the Stud Bar available online at It’s highly regarded in the CrossFit and P90X communities. Made of 14 gauge welded steel finished with a durable powder coat finish it’s the only pull up bar designed so well it was issued a U.S. patent. Stud Bar comes assembled and is the same width as the studs in your wall or ceiling. Comes with grade 8 lag screws and easily bolts into your existing studs. It’s available in 3 different sizes to accommodate varying ceiling heights.

Strength Training Benefits Women Over 40

Strength training builds healthy lean muscle and creates an increase in metabolic rate that persists throughout the day. Muscle tissue is naturally active, while stored body fat contributes little to your metabolic rate. Furthermore, when you exercise your muscles with strength training or weight resistance exercises, not only will you burn calories during the exercise period, you will also burn an even greater number of calories for hours afterward as your muscles re-build and recuperate.

Strength training benefits women over 40 in particular. When you combine strength training with aerobic cardiovascular exercise, you will blend a perfect combination for that body you want.

Many women are afraid that lifting weights or strength training will cause them to build bulky muscle and lose their feminine look. This is an inaccurate depiction of the effects a strength training program has on a woman’s body. Developing bulky muscles requires high levels of testosterone, which women lack. The more natural response is for a woman’s body to become more lean and toned. Your arms and legs will take on an attractive shape and curve.

If left un-checked, women over 40 will gradually lose healthy muscle mass and bone density. Strength training for women over 40 actually helps re-build muscle tissue and increases bone density. Reports also indicate that a moderate strength training program can also combat the effects of diabetes, arthritis, and depression. Your body will be stronger and leaner. You will naturally have more energy and a more positive, confident outlook. Everyday tasks such as carrying groceries, holding children, and climbing stairs all become easier. Strength training also promotes healthy tendons, ligaments, and joint function.

By keeping your sets between 6 to 12 reps, performing 4 to 6 sets per exercise, you will balance the objectives of muscle strength, muscle tone, and muscle endurance. Focus on quality and proper form. Perform each rep slowly. This will assist in proper breathing. Slower reps will also reduce the amount of momentum in the movement, forcing your muscle to work harder for a given amount of weight, thereby enhancing the positive effects, and reducing the risk of injury.

By including strength training in your overall fitness program, you will increase strength, improve the proportion of lean muscle mass to body fat, and you will simply feel better about yourself.

Almоѕt аll fitness advice targeted tоwаrdѕ women іѕ counterproductive tо thеіr goals

Visual Impact fоr Women: thе vеrу fіrѕt fitness product оf іtѕ kind.

Earlier thіѕ year, Rusty Moore (1) unveiled hіѕ long-awaited women’s fitness product: Visual Impact fоr Women. Rusty іѕ thе author оf Visual Impact Muscle Building: а strategic plan intended fоr males tо enable thеm tо put оn јuѕt thе rіght quantity оf muscle tо attain а “GQ” appearance that’s lеѕѕ bodybuilder-like аnd mоrе Hollywood celebrity-like. Hіѕ latest program shows ladies hоw tо gеt а slim, slender lооk wіthоut overdoing muscle tone. Whіlе striking muscle definition іѕ desirable fоr thе majority оf guys, females lіkеlу don’t nееd bulging arms оr а raging six-pack. Thеу wоuld rаthеr hаvе а sleek, hourglass-shaped physique whісh includes а flat midsection аnd subdued muscle tone.

I аm а guy, but I purchased thіѕ product fоr а couple оf reasons.

First, I wanted tо dissect іt ѕо thаt I саn provide uѕеful commentary оn thе program. Second, I wanted tо determine іf there’s beneficial information іn thіѕ system whісh women аnd men alike саn utilize. I wаѕ nоt ѕо shocked tо find thаt thеrе аrе outstanding take-aways frоm thіѕ material whісh аnуоnе саn gain from. Thе concepts taught іn thе соurѕе аrе worth thе price tag alone. Thе methods аnd exercise demos аrе excellent also, but they’re аlmоѕt lіkе аn added bonus. Yоu саn (and should) tweak thеѕе tо align wіth уоur goals. Thе true vаluе lies іn thе theory.

Thеrе аrе mаnу dіffеrеnt aspects оf fitness mentioned thrоughоut thіѕ guide, hоwеvеr I wоuld lіkе tо pick 3 interesting myth busters оf сеrtаіn interest tо women аnd focus оn thеm іn thіѕ post.

Women shouldn’t press thеіr reps tо failure whеn thеу desire tо slim down.

Dоеѕ уоur fitness instructor push уоu hard еvеrу appointment tо “pump out” thоѕе lаѕt couple оf repetitions? Mауbе уоu listened, grinded thеm out, аnd felt proud оf уоurѕеlf after. Training tо failure іѕ great advice… іf уоu wаnt tо build mass. Thіѕ applies rеgаrdlеѕѕ оf hоw mаnу repetitions уоu carry оut оr hоw heavy you’re lifting. If уоu wіѕh tо obtain strength wіthоut adding muscle mass size, whісh wіll ultimately аllоw уоu tо gеt thе slimmed dоwn feminine look, thеn stay clear оf training tо failure. I knоw thіѕ іѕ controversial information, but it’s scientifically proven.

Ladies don’t nееd tо add mоrе muscle mass tо ѕhеd extra fat.

Mауbе уоur fitness instructor tells уоu thаt уоu muѕt put оn muscle tо reduce mоrе body fat. Whіlе thіѕ іѕ correct (you’ll burn оff slightly mоrе calories bу adding mоrе muscle tо уоur body), wouldn’t уоu prefer tо burn а substantially larger number оf calories wіthоut gеttіng mоrе buff? If I wеrе а woman, mу answer wоuld bе yes. If thіѕ іѕ thе case, thеn you’ll nееd tо hаvе strategic cardio exercise аѕ а cornerstone оf уоur plan. Bу executing cardio exercise thе rіght way, уоu аrе аblе tо burn а boat load оf calories, wіthоut gеttіng thunder thighs аnd shoulder muscles lіkе thе Incredible Hulk. Sound lіkе а plan? Visual Impact fоr Women wіll teach уоu thе bеѕt wау tо mаkе thіѕ happen.

Women shouldn’t eat mоrе оftеn іf thеу wаnt tо slim down.

Eat 6 times реr day tо kеер уоur body burning fat constantly. Anоthеr landmine suggestion. A common complaint I’ve heard аmоngѕt mу female friends іѕ thаt it’s vеrу difficult tо kеер thеіr daily calorie consumption іn check tо thе degree needed іn order tо lose weight. Thіѕ іѕ еѕресіаllу true fоr ladies bесаuѕе thеу аrе uѕuаllу smaller compared tо males ѕо thеу rеаllу nееd tо bе eating considerably less. But thіѕ rеаllу іѕ easier іn theory. Lаѕt time I checked, restaurants don’t offer “female size” portions. Mаnу gals I knоw саn easily eat thе ѕаmе amount аѕ guys. Guess what, іf you’re eating ѕіx times реr day, уоur meals wіll hаvе tо bе ѕо tiny, you’re practically setting уоurѕеlf uр fоr failure.

In Visual Impact fоr Women, Rusty describes аn eating strategy thаt I асtuаllу adhere tо mуѕеlf (as а man). Hе recommends keeping track оf calories оn а weekly basis іnѕtеаd оf а daily basis, eating twо small meals thеn оnе large meal durіng mоѕt days, аnd integrating intermittent fasting оnсе оr twісе а week. Thіѕ strategy аllоwѕ уоu tо slim dоwn whіlе ѕtіll enjoying bigger, fulfilling meals (even 1,200 calorie restaurant dinners), whісh іѕ whу I love іt ѕо much. I саn honestly ѕау thаt strategic calorie manipulation іѕ thе bеѕt option. Thе inflexible ѕіx meals а day method wіll рrоbаblу mаkе уоu give up, weep, run аwау tо Ben & Jerry, аnd put оn weight (in thаt order). Don’t fall іntо thіѕ trap.

I’ve јuѕt scratched thе surface оf Visual Impact fоr Women, but hореfullу I’ve captured уоur attention.

Yоu саn find а myriad оthеr topics іn thіѕ program thаt аrе invaluable including, but nоt limited to:

• High rep vs. lоw rep training аnd whу іt саn mаkе а difference fоr women

• Whаt types оf exercise equipment tо uѕе

• Thе function оf yoga exercises іn уоur fitness routine

• Aggressive dieting tо lose 5-10 lbs іn lеѕѕ thаn thrее weeks tо gеt ready fоr аn “event”

• Hоw оftеn tо exercise

• Hоw tо gеt rid оf thаt “stubborn” muscle оn уоur thighs аnd calves

3 Best Exercises for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women naturally increase in size due to high appetite and the presence of another life inside the womb. Call it a blessing because you are about to deliver an amazing replica of your greatness and your better-half’s. On the other side of the coin, being pregnant is gift in disguise because you are limited with your movements.

But hey, you have a baby on the way, so what’s to clamor about? If you are worried about the pounds you gain, that’s too unlikely. You can think about after you deliver your child. In the meantime, you can just indulge in 3 best exercises for pregnant women. At least, you have your way to stretch and move without threatening you and your little one.

1.Seated High Row. This allows you to toughen your upper back. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched outward. Bend your knees a little and make sure your spine is in a fine position. You can wrap an exercise tube around your feet and cross it to create an “X” letter beyond your legs. Each of your hand must get hold of the handle. Draw the handles backward but keeping your elbows up and back instead of taken out to the sides. Your upper arms must be held vertically with the floor and shoulders are to be down.

2.Leg Raise Crawl. This gives toughness to your hamstrings and buttocks. Aside from that, it will allow your baby to be at rest in the proper head-down pose while executing the exercise. Get down with your body weight equally spread and your arms stretched straightly. Raise your left knee slowly and take it toward your elbow. After this, you can stretch your leg out and back. As you do it, don’t curl your back. Don’t lock your knee either.

3.Skater’s Lunge. Who says pregnant women can’t exercise? One of the routines they can do is the skater’s lunge. This will enable you to firm your hamstrings, buttocks, upper hip, thighs and quadriceps. You see, you are targeting several muscles. Stand straight up and grasp your hips with your hands. Or you can also hold onto the chair’s back part. Put all your weight to your left foot by having your right foot’s toes held on the ground. Bend your right knee accordingly and tighten your belly to maintain a very impartial position of your spine. Bend your left knee as you push right foot out toward the side at a slanting position.

Pregnant women can do these routines lightly and carefully. They are aimed at strengthening your muscles especially your upper body and abs muscles that give support to your womb where the baby rests on.

Full Squat During Pregnancy – to Do or not to Do

As your pregnancy progresses your pelvis is opening and widening almost like a book from the front of your pubis symphasis.  This makes more space and allows for your growing uterus to house the baby.   This growth puts more strain on your pelvic floor muscles.  As you squat to neutral where your knees are at 90 degrees to the floor the pressure of your uterus increases on your pelvic floor muscles and your pelvis tilts anteriorly.   If you were to squat lower you are at risk of going into a compromising anterior pelvic tilt position due to the extra front load of your protruding belly and your relatively inefficient abdominal muscles, this can put undue strain on your back.    As your belly grows you have to place your feet further than hip distance apart to perform a full squat otherwise you would get stuck and jam your belly.  At a 90 degree squat your knee ligaments are at their least stable position, and due to relaxin your joint stability can be further compromised.   So what do you do, compromise your back, feel extra pelvic floor strain, or squat to where your knee joint is least stable with your legs at 90 degrees to the floor.

Doing a full squat exercise when you are not pregnant is recommended for people with healthy backs.  Squatting is a primal developmental stage for babies and is a precursor to standing and walking, on the other hand, what if you are pregnant, what type of squats should you do and in what range.  Many birthing classes recommend performing a full squat or a partner assisted full squat for a natural delivery.  I have studied many fitness articles that indicate to avoid “deep knee bending”, a full squat, while pregnant.  So what should you do during your fitness routine?  This article will attempt to answer this.

Pros for Full Squat

Doing a full squat allows you to use your gluteus maximus (the behind) thru its full range.  During pregnancy the tone in your glut muscles increases in a standing position to allow you to stand upright.  Constant low grade firing in this limited range causes your gluts to become tight.  You would naturally squat to 90 degrees to sit in a chair giving some strength in that range, but it is still limited.  Performing a full squat keeps your gluts strong in their full range and can help counteract tightness.   Working thru your full squat range will prevent you from pausing at 90 degrees where your knee joint is least stable as well.  Performing a full squat during pregnancy helps relax the pelvis and provides pressure for waist elimination which can help prevent constipation and haemorrhoids.  Using a full squat for a birthing position may reduce the need for an episiotomy or the use of forceps.

Cons for Full Squat

A full squat is very metabolically demanding, so make sure you replenish your food store after performing this.   You may become lightheaded during this move.  The majority of people have muscle imbalances and are unable to maintain neutral spine position.  Performing a full squat with an imbalance can further pull on your pelvis to one side and may exacerbate pelvic shearing forces in the pubis symphasis (front join of your pelvis) and put strain on your sacroiliac joint.   The stress on your pelvic floor muscles increases you need to be cautious not to overstrain them.   Most women in Western culture are not attuned to performing a full squat, so performing this move is dependent on the fitness level of the exerciser.  You can perform a full squat using the stability ball against the wall to help keep you from pitching forward.


Since you should not use excessive external weight during your full squat and you are in controlled environment knee stability should not be the major issue that you base your decision on, but a history of knee issues is a key factor.

Performing a full squat will potentially increase the stress on your pelvic floor muscles, exacerbate pelvic shearing and could put more strain on your back due to anterior pelvic tilt and compromised abdominal muscles.   These symptoms will be increased if your baby bump has just gone through a growth spurt.  For the small percentage of women who were performing a full squat exercise with neutral spine before you were pregnant, keep it up during your pregnancy, as long as you are comfortable.  This exercise is great if you can perform it correctly, but a very small percentage of women would be able to complete this task.

If you are confident you do not have a muscle imbalance and can maintain neutral spine, do not suffer from any pelvic shearing forces and have particularly strong pelvic floor musculature you can perform a full squat.  This is an ideal exercise for fitness and to prepare you for labour.

A mid range squat still allows you to perform exercise, work in your most functional range to sit on a chair, and will not put your pelvis, back and pelvic musculature thru undue stress.  But this squat is not an optimal as it does not train you for labour or birth.  This exercise is a good alternative.

The  type of squat most commonly recommended  for Western Culture women during pregnancy is a full range stability ball squat.    The inability to maintain neutral spine or lack of practice of full squat in western culture should not be factors with this exercise as your back is supported on the ball.  You will work your gluts through their full range of motion preventing tonic muscles while standing.  A full stability ball squat puts your knee joint in its most stable position as well as opening the birthing canal and helps with other pregnancy related issues such as constipation and haemorrhoids.  Work yourself up to the full range stability ball squat squeezing your pelvic floor during the exercise to avoid straining these muscles.

If your fitness level is moderate and you have never performed a full squat before start with half range squats and work your way up to a full squat in time for your delivery if this is your goal for squatting.

How Pull Ups Can and Will Get You Ripped

There is a wide array of different kinds of exercises you can do for your upper body. Of course you can do curls for your biceps, bench press for your chest and dumbbell raises for your shoulders. However, one form of exercise that often gets overlooked is pull ups. Pull ups can do tremendous things for your core muscles while providing you with lat strength as well.

Many people do not realize how difficult a pull up routine can be. It requires a lot of strength to pull up your entire body. This is why it takes time to develop and build up the number of repetitions you can do. You are not going to be able to do 100 your first time, but there is nothing stopping you from working up to this number.

To start, do one set of as many pull ups as you can. This will give you a basis of where you stand in the beginning. If you can only do one or two, do not get down on yourself. Remember, it takes time to work up to a high amount of repetitions. No matter how many you can do, make sure to do at least three or four different sets.

If you can only do one rep, take a couple minutes off and then do another rep. No matter what you do, make sure you are pushing yourself. You can typically do one more than you think you can, so go all out with each set. As you probably could expect, each set is going to get increasingly difficult.

You want to be doing a few more reps each week in order to build strength properly. If you are stagnant and never increase the amount of repetitions you do, you will never improve and build muscle. Even if it is just one more rep or one more set, you will notice a difference.

Something else you can do is follow a specific pull up workout. You can do a pyramid set routine where you do 10 reps your first set, 8 your second, 6 your third and so on down to two. Another option is to do a basic four sets of 10 to keep your workout consistent. Typically, people mix it up throughout the week by doing a pyramid routine on Monday and the straight sets on Wednesday. Mix and match and find what works best for you.

Another way you can mix up your pull up workout is to add weights. You will need a weight belt and plates to place on the chain. This can make your routine extremely difficult depending on the amount you put on the chain. This gives you many other options for routines and programs you put together.

You can do a pyramid routine by increasing the weight as the repetitions go down. On Wednesday you can then do straight sets maintaining a consistent weight. Finally, you can close the week off on Friday with a low amount of sets and reps and much higher weight. For instance, do three sets of four repetitions but increase your weight drastically.

The options truly are endless for what you do for a pull up routine. Just make sure you are consistent with your workout and are increasing weight every week to build muscle properly.

Traces of Steroids found in legal dietary supplements. (2016)

Muscle Labs USA has recently sponsored a test analysis of two products classified as dietary supplements in the USA:Furaguno & Oxyguno.
Muscle Labs USA confirms active traces of anabolic steroids in supplements widely available in the U.S.

winstrolRecently an affiliate of Muscle Labs USA website conducted a lab test on two specific oral nutritional supplements:Furaguno & Oxyguno, which can be bought legally in the United States, and found that they contain potent anabolic steroids. Furaguno is a designer steroid that resembles stanozolol and furazabol. Furazabol was originally sold in Japan under the name Miotolan and was used by disgraced Olympic athlete Ben Johnson before doping detection was able to trace it.

Furaguno is unusual for an oral anabolic steroid in that it is non-methylated. Manybodybuilders do not like injectable steroids either because of a fear of needles or because of the risk of infection at the injection site which sends many steroid users to the emergency room. Although many bodybuilders believe injectable compounds yield better anabolic benefits, there is a significant contingent that opts for oral medications but with the knowledge that these usually-methylated compounds are toxic to the liver in various degrees. Furaguno is one of the rare exceptions among oral steroids in that it is not methylated.

According to steroid experts at Muscle Labs USA, Furaguno has characteristics in common with its Japanese ancestor which make it appealing to those bodybuilders willing to take on its risks: Furazabol and our new Furaguno seem to share some beneficial traits, including a high ratio of anabolic to androgenic effect. The overall mass gains noticed are mild and consistent, but “quality”, with minimal androgenic side effects. There is also no estrogenic effect to worry about with either drug, as aromatization is not possible in both cases. A comparison between the two drugs on this level seems reasonable.

And what are those risks? According to Muscle Labs USA it may reduce good cholesterol(HDL), which would not be a good thing for someone who is already at risk for cardiovascular disease: It should present minimal liver toxicity, but will in all probability negatively alter cholesterol levels. This may present an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, especially if used for prolonged periods.

As for Oxyguno, according to Muscle Labs USA, this designer steroid has been resurrected from the East German Olympic doping program of the 1960’s and is several hundred times more anabolic than testosterone. The same company makes a third anabolic product which was not investigated in this lab test: Hemaguno. It claims this product is 1100 times more anabolic than testosterone. But here is no way for us to know if this is true just yet.

Muscle Labs USA does not endorse the use or abuse of these products. Results may vary. Claims made regarding ergogenic benefit are based on the subjective results of users and previous consumers reported in non controlled conditions. Information herein is provided for informational purposes. The statements contained within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These product are not intended to diagnose, treat  or prevent any disease.These products do not contain any illegal ingredients. All products and brands names are trademarks of their respective manufactures.All products are legal in the USA and contain FDA approved ingredients. Moneyback guarantee applies to sealed products returned within 10 days.Use and sales is strictly limited to individuals over the age of 18 years old. Prior to beginning any serious weight training regimen and supplementation, you should always Consult a medical practitioner.Some products may be banned for use in athletic competition. Check with your athletic committee before using any type of athletic enhancement product.

4 Fantastic Workouts for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are not hindered, but they are oftentimes seen that way. The truth is that pregnant women need physical exercise just as much if not more than than women who are not carrying a baby. The city of Vancouver, known for their sensible lifestyle choices, offer many services to cater to this niche. Low impact physical exercise done throughout maternity can not only help Vancouver women regain her shape faster after giving birth, but also to have a healthy child and prepare herself for childbearing. Below are 4 perfect fitness Vancouver classes that can safely and easily be done by women when they are pregnant.

Walking Classes

Walking is one of the simplest things that Vancouver women can do to stay in shape when they are carrying a baby. This does not mean walking from the refrigerator to the couch, but instead involves doing this activity for 30 minutes or more at a time. In fact, there are many physical fitness Vancouver classes that are focused on walking for pregnant women and which can help her stay in shape throughout her entire pregnancy. These classes can be held outdoors or can be done indoors with a treadmill for consistency whether it is nice or dreary outside.

Low Impact Aerobic Vancouver Classes

While Vancouver women who are with child can’t go bouncing around doing high impact aerobics, there is low impact fitness Vancouver classes that can help them stay in shape. From dance to step aerobics there are many types of programs that can be modified to meet the needs of a pregnant women or that are specifically designed for those who are pregnant. While there may be a a couple of activities that can’t be done in the third trimester, most activities can be done up until the woman gives birth.

Yoga or Pilates Classes

Yoga and pilates Vancouver classes are another good option for expectant mothers. These forms of exercise programs not only help keep muscles strong, long and lean, but also allow Vancouver women to clear their minds and distress. Maternity can be a very emotional and confusing time. The meditation and relaxation qualities of these classes allow for the women to feel better and less stressed about the months that lie ahead.

Swimming Programs

A pregnant woman can move more easily and feel lighter in the water. That is why swimming classes are a good option for Vancouver women who otherwise find it difficult to exercise otherwise. The water can also be therapeutic and soothe aching muscles and nerves in the body that have been stressed throughout the pregnancy. This is a particularly good option for those who are farther along in carrying their baby and who may feel too bulky and large to do regular forms of exercise.

Pregnant women need to maintain up a reasonable and active workout program when carrying their babies. Vancouver classes allow women who are carrying a child to remain active without harming their health or that of their unborn child.

The Pros And Cons Of Aerobic, And Anaerobic Exercise

Walking into any gym you’ll notice a few things. First is that all the different machines and exercise areas are arranged by type. You’ve got the machines and free weights in one area, and the stationary bikes, treadmills, and aerobics section in another. This is because all exercise falls roughly into two categories. Aerobic, and anaerobic exercise. This is article you’ll learn the basics of each one, and which one is best for you.

The basic differences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise is how the body utilizes oxygen in the creation of energy. In aerobic exercise, the body uses the oxygen that you breath in conjunction with other mechanisms to generate energy. You can sustain aerobic activity for quite a long time, so long as you keep breathing. Anaerobic activity, on the other hand, uses purely stored energy for movement. This is only good for short bursts of energy, such as running up a flight of stairs. Once the energy is spent from anaerobic activity, you will quickly become out of breath and have to stop.

The main purpose for aerobic exercise is to provide fat loss, and cardiovascular health. When you are engaged in aerobic activity, you are likely using your legs to do most of the work, such as jogging, walking, and bicycling. Generally speaking, people that do a lot of aerobic activity are slender and don’t carry around a lot of body fat. They are also incredibly flexible.

The main drawbacks to aerobic exercise is that it doesn’t do anything for the muscle tone in your upper body. Long distance runners aren’t known for their chiseled looks nor their upper body strength, despite the incredible health of their heart, lungs, and legs.

Anaerobic exercises on the other hand, which utilize short bursts of energy, are great for building muscle size and strength. Doing these exercises to target specific muscles can lead to a well proportioned physique. This is the biggest draw to these kinds of exercises.

Some of the drawbacks of pure anaerobic workouts are lack of flexibility, and less cardiovascular health than their long distance running buddies on the other side of the gym. Although lifting weights gives you a better cardiovascular workout than sitting on the couch, it is not nearly as good as long distance running. Also, there are some that think that getting big and bulky may contribute to high blood pressure.

What is likely the best thing to do, unless you are training for a specific event, is to combine both cardiovascular, or aerobic activity, with anaerobic, or weight training. That way you’ll get the best of both worlds, and enjoy all the benefits.

Home Body Shaping Workout Tactics for Women

Body shaping is the wise use of certain principles of exercise, fitness and smart nutrition to manifest desired changes in the body. Much too often, the term is confused with other types of exercise programs that are not conducive to firming and shaping the female body, safely and efficiently.

There are several elements of body shaping, although not all elements apply to all women. Fat removal, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, feminine muscle shaping, inches lost, changes in body composition levels, shaping curvy thighs or a rounder butt, toning up the arms and shoulders, losing stomach flab – these can all fall under the heading of body shaping for women.

Two ladies with very different goals can follow the same type of fitness program while adhering to nutritional plans that are structured to be in line with their goals, and dependent on their starting points, with measurable progress and consistent success.

A woman who is sixty-two pounds over weight and wanting to lose body fat has the same body, a human body, as a woman who is slightly under weight and wants to gain a few pounds of muscle weight and shapely, sexy flesh, through body shaping exercises, while improving her overall level of health and fitness. Although there may be differences in natural physical abilities of coordination or strength they can both do the same type of exercise or workout routine. Differences in caloric intake and the quality of foods eaten will be a key factor that brings each of these women closer to their individual body shaping goals. Goals may range from looking great with no clothes on to being able to fit into a specific clothing size.

On a more spiritual level a body shaping goal may be to ‘feel’ sexy, confident and full of energy to burn.

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise may be slightly different. The woman who wants to lose body fat to achieve body shaping results, will devote a larger amount of time to cardiovascular exercise (twenty-five – forty minutes) as compared to the woman who wants to build up certain areas of her body to become more shapely (fifteen – twenty-five minutes).

Some body shaping programs attempt to combine the resistance exercise with cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. While this is not easy, and most programs fall short of doing this successfully, it is quite possible – especially when the body shaping program uses body-weight exercise principles. The benefit of this type of program is extremely conducive to what body shaping is all about.

A body shaping program is not usually found in the gym setting. You either have individual programs of weight training and machine exercises or large group classes doing some form of aerobics with some basic body shaping moves. True body shaping takes advantage of gravity, body-weight and kinesiology to bring about changes in the female body through full body conditioning and targeted muscle shaping exercises and workouts. When these factors are combined properly, you can realistically expect to see definite results within three to four weeks – especially when a moderate amount of attention is payed to nutritional intake and daily calories.

The best body shaping programs should be portable – meaning you can do them anywhere and anytime. Leaving no room for the typical excuses of not sticking with ‘the program’ and allowing you to make continuous progress toward the body shaping goals you have defined for your body and your self.

Circuit Training Fitness Equipment Pros And Cons

It’s no secret why circuit training has been successful as a business opportunity: it works! Circuit training is a proven exercise system that, for many women, has proven to be more effective than diet and nutrition programs alone.

The routine at circuit training health clubs is quick and simple, allowing each woman to progress at her own pace. The ladies exercise in a circle, each at a station. They spend 30 or 45 seconds at each station, either working a hydraulic resistance machine or doing aerobics. The entire routine takes just 30 minutes.

Sufficient anecdotal evidence exists to prove that circuit training can help women achieve fast weight loss. But how about the training technology behind the workout? Does the equipment in this type of gym provide true weight loss exercise, or is it just another fad?

To completely understand fitness and exercise equipment it’s important to comprehend the four different technologies of that equipment:
1) Constant Resistance Devices
2) Variable Resistance Devices
3) Static Resistance Devices
4) Accommodating Resistance Devices

Constant Resistance Devices:

“The term constant resistance means that a weight (resistance) does not increase or decrease during the course of exercise” (source: International Sports Sciences Association; 2001). The amount of resistance encountered by the user remains unchanged from the beginning of the exercise movement to the end.

Examples of training or weight lifting with constant resistance devices would be lifting a barbell, dumbbell, or using a cabled weight stack. Weight training in this manner has some inherent disadvantages. First of all, constant resistance weight lifting exercise does not correct for changes in the musculoskeletal leverage that occurs during an exercise movement. Secondly, this method does not account for reduced effort that comes with fatigue.

When following a weight lifting routine with constant resistance devices, the user experiences changes in leverage during the joint movement. For example, when doing dumbbell curls the amount of muscular force required is much greater at the bottom of the movement (when the dumbbells are at waist level) than it is at the top of the movement (when the dumbbells are near the chin). As the dumbbells approach the top of the movement, leverage improves and the user doesn’t have to work as hard.

Therefore, the user doesn’t gain as much benefit during the ‘easy’ portion of the movement. Muscles need stress to gain strength and endurance, so with the relatively diminished stress of constant resistance devices some of the benefit is gone.

Some experts argue that constant resistance exercise is more natural than any other weight lifting program because leverage imbalances match the actual day-to-day movement of the body.

Variable Resistance Devices:

“When you hoist a weight by pulling on a cable that goes over the top of a pulley and is attached to a weight, you’re engaged in constant resistance training” (source: International Sports Sciences Association; 2001). Some exercise equipment manufacturers have experimented with pulleys that aren’t round or don’t have the hole in the exact middle of the pulley, resulting in different levels of resistance felt during different points in the exercise movement.

Unlike constant resistance devices, variable resistance fitness equipment does not match the natural way the human body works. Some exercise scientists view this as a disadvantage, as it may cause disturbance in the brain centers that interpret force and movement patterns.

The advantage of variable resistance fitness equipment is that it amplifies the level of stress placed on the muscles by forcing them to work equally hard throughout the full range of motion. Critics respond that since everyone is different is size, stature and strength it is virtually impossible to match everybody’s leverage with machine leverage.

Static Resistance Devices:

“Contracting your muscles without movement is called static contraction. The term isometric exercise was coined to describe this form of stress” (source: International Sports Sciences Association; 2001).

The public, searching for a new weight loss tip in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, adopted isometric exercise as their new weight lifting workout. Unfortunately, scientists eventually proved what many weight watchers had already learned: isometrically contracting a muscle results in that muscle only gaining strength in that position. To gain strength throughout the entire range of movement, the user would have to isometrically contract their muscles throughout every conceivable angle in the entire range!

Today, very few people consider using static resistance devices as part of their weight loss system for the simple reason that isometric exercise is the least effective of the four training technologies.

Accommodating Resistance Devices:

“Like variable resistance devices, accommodating resistance machinery is designed to allow you to exert maximum resistance throughout the full range of movement in each of your exercises. In doing so, you are able to maximize the amount of exercise stress your muscles receive” (source: International Sports Sciences Association; 2001).

Accommodating resistance exercise equipment somewhat controls the resistance that is encountered, thereby allowing the user to exert maximum force throughout the entire range of motion and throughout the entire exercise.

This is the type of gym equipment used at circuit training fitness centers. Again, the primary benefit is that the user can exert maximum force in any position, which allows for a full and complete workout. As an example, consider dumbbell curls. Traditional dumbbell curls result in decreased leverage at the top of the movement. Circuit training exercise equipment, on the other hand, applies even and consistent force throughout the entire range of motion. In other words, circuit training equipment places the muscle under constant tension for more time than alternative training technologies.

“Tension (resistance that is stressful enough to cause muscles to adapt), together with sufficient time over which it is applied, go hand-in-hand to produce superior gains” (source: International Sports Sciences Association; 2001).

Another advantage of accommodating resistance exercise equipment is that the relatively controlled speed of the movement drastically reduces the opportunity for injury. As ballistic movement is virtually impossible on this type of equipment, injury from overextended joints, pulled muscles and uncontrolled movements is also highly unlikely.


It’s easy to see that the training technology behind circuit training is solid. Circuit training exercise equipment utilizes accomodating resistance to deliver consistent results.

Pull Up Banners- Eye-Catching Displays for Your Business

Pull Up Banners

In order for a business to be successful it is essential that the company, and its services, are well advertised. Pull up banners and other display banners are a popular and effective way to promote a business. Eye catching, inexpensive and portable advertisements are the perfect way to grab people’s attention at a trade show, exhibition, showroom, sales presentation, or sporting event.


Pull up banners are light weight and roll up into a compact size which can be held with little  effort. The stands upon which the banners stand are also light weight and easily transportable. Therefore, these convenient banners are suitable to be taken to any event at any location to assist in promoting a company logo or business name.


At a trade show, among a large amount of competing businesses selling very similar products it is hard to stand above the crowd and grab people’s attention to look at your businesses products. In this case it is essential for a business to have a large, eye-catching and effective display. Pull up banners are the perfect tool to stand above the rest! These banners provide a large, effective and informative display and can be made to the businesses design choice and style. If you really want the chance to show your audience just what your business is made of, invest in a pull up banner for your business.

Variety in Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are available in sizes ranging from small signs to large, eye-catching event displays. These banners can be made to suit any business style, and are designed by professional designers to suit the look and feel of the company. Banners are also available in a number of different styles in terms of the base and banner stand itself. Banners can be used for both indoor and outdoor displays, therefore each banner is designed for an appropriate environment to ensure it can withstand relevant conditions including weather.

Pull up banners are an effective, convenient and successful way to promote any business. Every business is better off with a pull up banner for advertising.

Qua Promotions is one of Australia’s leading companies in providing quality Corporate Merchandise .

Stud Bar Pull Up Bar Is The First Step To Building Your Home Or Gym

Stud Bar pull up bar is the first step to building your home or commercial gym.

No piece of exercise equipment is as simple, affordable and effective as a pull up bar-chin up bar. Beyond doing basic dead hang or kipping pull up bar exercises, this simple yet versatilepull up bar can be used for abdominal muscles, biceps, entire back and shoulders. Add some gymnastic rings and it offers endless combinations of dips, rows muscle ups and more. People who can’t do a pull-up can add pull up assist bands or stand on a box or chair and do jumping pull ups.

The bar you choose will depend on your budget, goals and the type of space you are working out in. A cheap indoor solution which limits your mobility is the doorway pull up bar. Anyone who’s owned one can tell you if you’re going to get serious about safely and effectively doing pull ups and chin ups then a sturdy fixed mount wall or ceiling mounted pull up bar such as the Stud Bar is worth the investment. Door frames are best left to hold doors not pull up bars. Doorframe pull up bars have many limitations. Wide grip exercises can only go so wide, and advanced moves above the bar are difficult or impossible to perform.

With the popularity of CrossFit and P90x garage gyms are more popular than ever. People are realizing the standard box gym does not produce usable fitness. This insanely popular intense home exercise theory combines cardio workouts, weight and resistance training, yoga, plyometrics, and stretching routines to improve coordination, flexibility, and strength.

Stud Bars are available in three different sizes so no matter what your ceiling height is we have a bar to fit your needs. Our pull up bar also mounts to walls, inclined ceilings, metal studs and concrete. Greg Glassman the founder of CrossFit said this about Stud Bar “Your pull-up bar is one of the few original contributions to that exercise I’ve ever seen-as cool as the door gym, but several magnitudes more durable, steady, and safe. I’ve got mine; attached to my home gym ceiling and I love it. That’s how cool your bar is.”

A quality built solid pull up bar only found in Stud Bar will give you the confidence to put an all-out effort into your workout and encourage it’s continued use allowing you to stay focused on your fitness goals. Visit us today at

Drug Testing – Steroid Detection Times You Need to Know

Are you going to apply for a job, but are worried about a drug test? A lot of jobs have drug testing as a pre-requisite for employment. Most drug tests are for detecting the common illegal drugs, but more complex testing will detect anabolic steroids.

So if you are the big muscular person in the office and the boss chooses you for this test, the panel will pick up anabolic agents. The following will show how long it takes steroids to leave your system and result in a clean test.

Over 1 Year

Anabolicum, Turanabol Depot, Durabolin, Anabolin, Fenobolin, Deca-Durabolin, Norandren, Dynabolan, and Turinabol will remain in the system for 12-18 months. So if any of these compounds are in your system, you will likely be unable to pass a steroid test for 12-18 months. It is very hard to determine a test this far in advance, so these substances should probably be avoided.

6 to 12 Months

Ganabol, Finaject, Finjet, D-Bol, Dianabol, Equipoise, Equigan, and Finaplix are compounds that will show up on drug screenings after they are taken up to a year. It is possible that it can flush out of the system within 5 months, but usually remain for up to one year.

3 to 5 Months

Sustanon, Sostenon, Durateston, Anadrol, Anapolin, Hemogenin, Testosterone Cypionate, Primoteston Depot, Sten, Stenox, Halotesten, and Winstrol are drugs that will show up on a blood or urine test within 1-4 months of use. These are popular for use when not in season, and therefore not being tested as they are usually out of the system by season starting time.

3 to 6 Weeks

Primobolan Depot, Anavar, Winstrol/Stanozolol (oral), Nilevar, Parabolan, Dianabol (oral), D-Bol (oral), and testosterone Propionate are compounds that move through and work the system very rapidly. These move through the system at a faster rate, and the same goes for the anabolic results acquired from using them.

One Week or Less

Testosterone Undeconoate (Andriol) and Clenbuterol can clear the system in a day or less. These compounds are great to use up to the week before a powerlifting or bodybuilding show. Testosterone Suspension will clears the system in three days.

If there is a lot of worry about passing a test in the future, you might want to reconsider taking the drugs in the first place. If you desire to use drugs for competing that will need to be out of the system, this guide can be very helpful. Steroid alternatives are always an awesome option – and there are some really hardcore grey market supplements out there these days that will definitely do the trick!

These are Some of the Examples of Aerobic Bacteria

An aerobic bacteria is an organism that comprises a metabolism based on oxygen. It is a type of bacteria that require oxygen for its growth and survival. The aerobic bacteria’s use oxygen for oxidizing the substrates such as fats or sugars for obtaining energy. Aerobic bacteria contribute largely to the process of decomposition of the organic materials in the soil. Some aerobic bacteria that can make you sick; whereas there are others cause no problems and are very helpful to the human beings.

The aerobic bacteria are microbes that occur naturally causing activities that may have serious consequences on the economy of an industrial environment. The aerobic bacteria may be a result of causing corrosion, fouling, problems of water clarity and bad odors. Adding biocides to water can limit their development and effectively help in managing the water systems.

Quantification of the regular aerobic bacteria by using the dip slides of Kittiwake bacteria offers a visible indication of effective controls and also helps in the identification of the problematic issues in the levels of the bacteria.

There are two types of bacteria: aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic is the one that needs oxygen for its growth and survival; whereas anaerobic is one that do not need oxygen for the same. You can identify easily whether a bacteria is aerobic or anaerobic by growing them in a liquid culture. The aerobic bacteria will start gathering towards the top of the test tube for absorbing more amount of oxygen; whereas the anaerobic bacteria will settle at the bottom for avoiding the oxygen.

Most of the animals, bacteria’s and fungi are aerobes meaning they need oxygen to grow and to breathe. Some of the examples of the aerobic bacteria are Myobacterium tuberculosis, Bacillus, Nocardia and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Aerobic Treatments for Sewage Effluents
It uses the naturally occurring aerobic bacteria for breaking the solids and treating its effluents. The contents of the tank, where aerobic treatment has to be used should be well aerated so that the bacteria can survive in it. This can be done by using aerators or blowers. These aerators may be operated for 24 hours a day. For aerobic treatments outside the tank, it is done by “polishing unit”. They are round-ball like objects that are placed on both the sides of the tank and also besides it.

Blood culture for aerobic bacteria: One type of blood culture is used for checking an organism known as aerobic bacteria in an individual. This test is usually performed on those having a weak immune system like very old or young people. Blood samples are taken from the individual for detecting the bacteria in the blood. Two blood samples are required to detect both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The blood sample is held at a particular temperature and observed to see if the bacteria grow. Aerobic bacteria require a time period of about24 to 72 hours to grow. If the bacteria grow when exposed to oxygen, it is aerobic bacteria. The aerobic bacteria causing blood infections are Staphylococcus, Neisseria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Challenging the Body Creates Female Fitness Models

Are you a lady that is envious when you watch the slim trim professional Victoria’s Secret class models on television as they strut their stuff down the runway? Female fitness models are in shape! Strong, muscular, but still very feminine. Curves are definitely in, provided they are formed of muscle mass and appear soft.

If that’s the female fitness model look you’re after, and what woman doesn’t want sexy curves, heavy weights can be the key. Don’t look shocked. You won’t get all bulked up looking like a contestant in the Mr. Universe contest. Your body isn’t hormonally configured to allow that. You don’t have the necessary testosterone. With proper training and proper nutrition, it would be surprising for a woman to gain more than one-half pound muscle each month.
Women are used to using light or “pink” weights in the gym, even though they are not really providing the challenge needed to become female fitness models. Most women would be shocked to find out how strong they really are and how strong they could become with a little effort. Give yourself a challenge the next time you visit your gym for a workout. Start out with the ten pound dumbbells. You’ll notice a significant difference in your body in only a few weeks.

Don’t panic, if after a while at this level, you notice a weight gain when you step onto your bathroom scale. The weight increase will be muscle, not fat and pound for pound, muscles take up less volume that body fat. You’ll be increasing muscle weight, but not getting any fatter.

If you visit a gym, you’ll notice that most of the women aspiring to become female fitness models are do cardio exercises. It seems to be the expected workout for women. Truth is, however, that most women don’t notice a significant improvement in their bodies from months on the treadmill or Stairmaster. The body quickly adapts to cardio training. You become more efficient at the cardio exercises as you continue to do them. You end up doing the same cardio routine, but burning fewer calories.

Unless you add more and more time to the cardio routine, it ceases to be a tool for fat loss. The next time you go for a workout, do twenty minutes of your cardio exercise at the following rates: thirty seconds as fast as you can followed by one and one-half minutes at a slower pace to recover. It’s difficult, I’ll admit, but you’ll see positive results in a short time.

Now that we understand how improved workouts can be the secret of how to become a female fitness model, let’s talk for a moment about carbohydrates. Carbs have been given a reputation of being the enemy to muscle builders and those trying to reduce body fat. There is nothing wrong with eating carbs provided you control the size of the portions and eat at appropriate times. You need carbs both before and after your workouts to provide and replace energy.

You must eat some fat to lose fat. It sounds like a paradox, but it’s true. Women, characteristically, have a hormonal makeup that reacts differently to fats than do men, and actually do better on higher fat diets than men.

When you eat carbs, make sure that they are complex not simple carbs. Avoid processed foods that claim to be low-fat or no-fat. These foods may have had most fats removed, but to increase flavor the manufacturers usually add large amounts of salt and sugars to compensate for the missing fat. This sugar is converted by your body’s insulin into fats. There is no advantage to low-fat no-fat foods in losing body fat.

Female fitness models are not overly concerned about eating some fat in their diets. It does assuage hunger and does give added flavor to your food. Set a target for no more than 25% of you calories coming from different healthful fats.

A final observation. Women always want to improve their glutes, which, when properly developed, give them a derriere to die for. To achieve the goal of a great butt, focus on adding heavy-weight lunges to your workout. One-legged squats, hamstring curls, and butt to the ground squats will also be of benefit.

If you follow the suggestions and methods described above, you’ll see positive changes in your body in a very short time. The female fitness models of Victoria’s Secret will be wondering what they must do to look like you!

Lose Up To 80 Pounds Of Fat Using The Fitness Model Diet Program

Fed up with being fat and wearing ugly clothes to cover up herself, Jennifer decided she would join the model contest as a motivation for her weight loss journey. While playing with her 2 sons at home, she would at the same time work out with them.

There are many exercises in Jennifer Nicole Lee diet fitness program that involve in playing and using her toddler as a weight tool. The kids seem to enjoying it with her also.

Jennifer now is a most sought after model in the world after finishing her weight loss journey. She appears repeatedly on many different magazines like Oxygen, Fitness Rx, Fat loss and Natural muscles.

Used to weigh over 200 pounds, Jennifer is now crowned Miss Bikini America and Miss Bikini Universe. She is also involved with fitness shows and film making while showing off her sexy body.

She is a person that epitomizes the women of the future: someone who has a career has children, is sexy, happy, fun and fit.  Jennifer Nicole Lee (also known as JNL) was crowned as Ms. Bikini America in 2004.

She definitely brings a new level to the term M.I.L.F.  With a trail of workout DVDs, swimsuit calendars, a swimsuit line, magazine covers, endorsement deals, and a book, JNL has transformed her life from being an overweight mother to a slamming, international sex goddess.

JNL is a top trainer for the celebrities, an expert in wellness and lifestyle, a bestselling author of her fitness program, and a sought after fitness model gracing the covers of30 magazines in less than 4 years.

Her success story on losing 80 lbs of weight after giving birth to her children has motivated millions. She is truly a woman of many facets that rose to become a model mogul mom. JNL, epitomizes the fact that anything is possible in the industry of entertainment and fitness.

The international success of her weight loss story has continued to inspire millions.  It has been featured in a lot of key media appearances such as E! Entertainment, Oprah, Insider Edition, The Big Idea, The Early Morning Show, Fox & Friends, and WE Entertainments “Secret Lives of Women,” consequently inspiring the masses.

Her portfolio containing a list of impressive work continues to grow at an extraordinary speed, with 3 more magazine covers to be released very soon.

Causes and Solutions of Spinal Pain during Pregnancy

Women have known, since the days we all lived in caves, that pregnancy is a seriously big deal. Not only does the condition bring a new life to the world, but it also drastically changes the woman’s body in more ways than one. Breasts grow and produce milk, the skin stretches to its very limit, the pelvic area widens throughout the pregnancy, and the growing belly places some pretty big stress on the spine and skeletal structure. That’s a lot for any one female body to deal with at once, and most women find themselves riddled with little aches and pains throughout their pregnancy.

Even the smoothest pregnancy includes some level of spinal stress. There is almost no way to avoid it, since a ten pound soccer ball is growing around the abdomen. Basic physics easily proves that the addition of weight in that particular point in the body will stress both the upper and lower spine. So there it is. Pregnancy means spinal pain.

What is it that happens in the female body during pregnancy that causes so much havoc to the spine and back? The most obvious change is that of the center of weight in the body. The body’s center of weight changes dramatically as the pregnant belly grows and expands, which in turn affects the lower back. A natural response to this is adjusting the posture to accommodate the new weight by curving the spine in an exaggerated way. These two factors, in addition to the widening of the pelvis cause muscles all along the spinal cord to contract in new and painful ways.

The lower back is most often affected severely. By the third trimester, women tend to stand and walk with their shoulders and hips thrown back to balance the extra weight and bulk of the belly and growing breasts. This, of course, places some considerable levels of stress on the lower spine. The extra curve inward can throw the entire spinal alignment out of whack, and the constant pressure of carrying an extra load makes it difficult to find relief. It is not rare to find many pregnant women spending their third trimester in bed with their knees to their bellies in an attempt to relieve the pressures on the lower back. Pregnancy Yoga also recommends standing in a dog position (hands and knees to the ground) and bending the back in an upwards curve at least twice a day to stretch out and release the stressed muscles.

The middle area of the back is often ignored. The entire area between the shoulder blades and the small of the back is under considerable strain during the second and third trimesters. As the pelvis bones widen, muscles along the spinal cord continue to adjust, often tensing around the mid-back area. Middle back pain has a tendency to be overlooked because often the pain is actually felt in the upper or lower back. Because nerve endings often send signals to other areas of the back when they are affected, it is likely that pregnant women don’t even know that some of the discomfort they are feeling is originating from the middle back. Also, when both the upper and lower back is in pain, it is hard to distinguish which exact area the pain comes from. Many Pregnancy Yoga positions assist this type of strain, such as a corkscrew pose: lying on the back with the knees pointing at one direction, while the head is pointing another.

The upper back, neck, and shoulders are highly susceptible to pain during pregnancy. This is due both to the compensation posture that pregnant women assume (thrusting the shoulders and hips back to balance the front-heavy belly) and to the extra weight carried by the shoulders. More strain is added to the shoulders as the breasts and belly grow larger, since the shoulder muscles carry the extra weight. A tight neck results from this. The neck can also become misaligned and strained during sleep. Pregnant women often toss and turn at night, since it is so difficult to find a comfortable position after the second trimester begins. Shoulder rotations are recommended in pregnancy Yoga to relieve shoulder and neck tension. It is a horrible feeling, to be limited to only lying on your back. When pregnant women try to sleep on their side, their bellies sag forward and pull their weight into the mattress. Of course, this can place pressure on the belly, not something pleasant to experience during the third trimester. The belly might object as well. Women have tried to place a regular pillow under their belly. Stacking pillows all around the body is another method of temporary relief. But regular pillows just don’t work that well. All the back pain is in acute need of relief.

Perhaps the best possible solution for back pain during pregnancy is a pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy pillows are ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on the neck and entire back during the sleeping hours. They come in many different shapes and forms, but the best ones support both the growing belly and the back. Some are designed as two pillows connected by an adjustable Velcro strap to support each side of the body, and others are body pillows: body length bean filled pillows that support the neck, belly, and hips, which enables the spine to stretch and release.

Pregnancy affects women’s spinal cord, there can be no doubt about it. However, there are ways to ease the pain. Using a pregnancy or body pillow and practicing pregnancy Yoga, while making sure that you use ergonomically designed office products should help most women relieve those pesky pregnancy pains.

Reebok Aerobic Step

The Reebok step workout is one of the best all round exercises, which you can do for cardiovascular fitness. The other benefits of these exercises include lower body muscle toning and the burning of calories.Diagnosis This Reebok stepper is easy to store and simple to use and this proves to be an ideal workout for those who prefer to exercise at home. The Reebok exercise step has been made from the finest materials to ensure that it provides balance to the body along with ample bounce to prevent injuries to the knees.

The Reebok Step has three adjustable height levels, which enhances your workouts and makes it ideal to exercise as per your mood and physical stamina. This option also provides you with great alternatives so that the intensity of your workout using different step heights can be increased. You can also create a maximum impact here y doing these exercises at different speeds and at different heights to give yourself more challenge.

The use of the stepper also ensures that you are able to use your ankle, wrist or hand weights. Using these forms of gear is vital for added intensity and even higher calorie burn for people who want more challenge. The Reebok workout is an ideal option for those who want to lose weight fast and also want to tone up their body. The great price of this Reebok step makes it the ideal piece of equipment for the home gym.

Through this Reebok step your fitness level increases and hence there will always be a way to work a bit harder and keep challenging you.Diagnosis The Reebok Company had invented the original aerobic step in the year 1989 and is still used in the most hi-tech gyms and health clubs. This step has been used around the world today, which is also a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of the step. The Reebok step has been promoted as a great piece of gym equipment along with multiple uses for toning different parts of the body.

The Reebok Step specifications include a one piece construction and it has a tough and rubber surface, which prevents slipping. It has three adjustable height levels to ensure maximum impact and it also has non-slip floor blocks. The usual dimensions of the stepper are 90x35cm x 15 or 20 or 25cm ad it weighs about 7.5kg. The step is also available with a user manual and workout program for creating maximum impact. Thus this Reebok stepper is a great alternative to working out at the gym and provides for some real sweaty and challenging workouts, at home.

Steroid Dosages

The use of excessive steroid dosages: Bodybuilders like extremes more than any other athlete. Assumption that “The belief more is better still influences people. If two tablets work well, then four must double the effect. With such an attitude the door is open to potential side effects, and it is not even justified by a clearly improved effect. The effectiveness of almost all steroids is dosage dependent up to a certain degree and is achieved when the bonding potential of steroid molecules and steroid receptors is exhausted. When the receptors of the muscle cell are saturated the remaining steroid molecules begin looking for another target. Liver dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, hair loss, acne, high estrogen levels, reduced production of the bodies own hormones, and aggressiveness often have their origin in dosages which are too high. So called mega doses do not result in a distinctly higher strength and mass gain.
Intake duration:

Duration of intake is too long: The non-stop use of steroids is not recommended for most athletes for two reasons. First, when high dosages are taken over a long time, the risk of potential side effects increases considerable. The chances of organ damage are especially high when oral 17-alpha alkylated steroids are continuously taken. Second, such a behavior is very dubious since the effect of the administered steroids weakens after a certain time which, with a higher dosage or a different preparation, can only be stopped briefly. Everyone should know that the stronger the steroid the faster its effect decreases so that the use over a long period of time is even more foolish. With Anadrol the gain increase usually is reduced after only 3-4 weeks while with Deca Durabolin, for example, often continuous progress can be obtained over 10-12 weeks.
Differences in steroids:

Steroids can result in serious consequences if the preparations are flawed or incorrect. “Not all steroids are the same”. There lies a clear distinction between highly androgenic, potentially-toxic steroids such as Anadrol, Methyltestosterone, Dianabol, Halotestin, etc. and the weaker androgenic, predominantly anabolic and less toxic preparations, such as, B. Primobolan, Deca Durabolin, Oxandrolone, Andriol, and Winstrol. Since the first mentioned drugs are the ones which cause the several side effects it makes sense to reduce their intake to a maximum of 6-8 weeks. Women, young adults, and older athletes should be very cautious and should consult a medical practioner before selecting steroid preparations. It is necessary for the general public to understand this distinction between various types of steroids to avoid potential harm to themselves which could be irreversible…
Intake schedules:

The effectiveness of every steroid program can be considerably increased by a clever combination of steroids since they have a synergetic effect. This means that with a low total dosage one can obtain better results. Since various receptors are attacked it is possible to delay the receptor saturation so that the steroid combination will remain effective over al longer period of time. At the same time potential side effects can be minimized.

For example, taking 50 mg Dianabol per day, the athlete should take 20 mg Dianabol/day and 200 mg Deca Durabolin/week.

Generally one can say that best results can be obtained by combining an oral steroid with an injectable steroid. The combination of two oral preparations such as Dianabol with Anadrol or Oxandrolone with Methyl testosterone makes less sense. Since the protein-building and nitrogen-retaining effect of most steroids decreases after a few weeks one should begin with a low dosage which is increased slowly and evenly during the intake interval. Athletes whose steroid cycle is longer than 6-8 weeks should usually switch to a completely different combination. Another frequently-made mistake is the sudden interruption of the steroid regime. Many side effects, a possible rebound effect, and strength and weight loss can be minimized if the steroid dosages are decreased slowly and evenly. This also includes that at the end of the steroid intake interval not the highly effective steroids such as Anadrol and testosterone are taken but that the athlete switches to milder preparations and includes these during discontinuance.Counterfeits:

To correct the problem of using fake steroids is very difficult for most athletes since the black market with its overwhelming preponderance of fake steroids represents the only source of supply. Unsatisfying results, often no positive results at all, and an unusual number of side effects are unfortunately common and caused by the use of fakes. Many fake steroids are impure, do not contain the alleged substances, are often considerably under dosed or contain something completely different as specified on the label. Using FDA/NIH approved steroids manufactured by a trusted company from a pharmacy is the safest way.
Physical check ups:

A physical examination before starting steroids would be useful to evaluate whether you are in a good physical condition to take them or avoid them .Every athlete who takes steroids should have a physician periodically check his blood, urine, pH value, liver values, and the blood pressure. As important as the preliminary implementation of these tests is the right timing. This also helps obtain reference and comparison data so that in a later exam possible changes in results can be easily determined. The second exam is recommended 5-6 weeks after the steroid intake. Further administration of steroids should depend on the result of the exams. If the results are acceptable, four weeks after termination of the steroid program another test should be made to check whether or not possible smaller deviations were normalized.
External Factors:

Negligence of external factors: The use of steroids alone does not guarantee impressive results. Their effect strongly depends on four individual factors which together have a synergetic effect and are therefore called the magic rectangle: Training, nutrition, rest, and attitude. Especially when steroids are taken many athletes have a tendency to neglect these important requirements. But without following these the results would not be satisfactory. Good suggested nutrition along with the right amount of exercise will tone your muscles to your satisfaction. Sufficient rest is needed to balance the training schedule and last but not the least is your attitude. People taking steroids have been found out to have aggressive fits. So,it would be better to control your attitudinal change before it lands you in trouble.

Pull up workout – The benefits of pull up exercises

Pull ups are an extremely effective way of building both strength and endurance.  Pull ups are very good for full body conditioning, particularly if you are an athlete or martial artist.

Pullups are one of the most beneficial overall muscle and strength developers. The pull up exercise (also called a chin up) is a simple body weight exercise for building upper body, back and core strength.  Unfortunately pull ups are often overlooked/neglected in favour of pumping iron or machine weights at the gym.

Why Pull do Pull Ups?

  • A pull-up is a compound, pull-type exercise which works a large number of muscles in your back, shoulders, and arms (biceps) at the same time.  An added benefit is that it works the abs as well as burning fat. Bonus!
  • Standard exercise for special forces and elite organization fitness testing
  • Improves grip strength significantly
  • Develop a V-shaped back
  • Impress your mates!!

As a judo black belt who needs to apply practical strength i do pull up workouts to supplement my judo specific training along with other cardio based home workouts and dumbbell training.

If you are new to pull ups or out of practice a weight assisted pull up machine at the gym will help your muscles adapt to this challenging exercise.  Lat pull downs machines should also help prepare you for a non assisted pull up workout.  Once you have mastered the basics there are various different types of pull up you can do including wide and close grip pull ups.

I have a wall mounted pull up bar attached to my house for convenience, as a much prefer time efficient home workouts (especially as i am a new father with a busy work schedule). Other pull up bar include door frame pull up bars, and pull up stations, however, i have not used these.

Pull up workouts can be made varied and challenging by integrating them into explosive cardio circuits. Read more on pull up circuits (link).  There is also scope to attach weights to yourself or use a weighted vest if you become very advanced at pull up workouts. I am currently working on the twenty pull up challenge, and have improved consistently since i first started.  Following a structured training programme, i have achieved positive results with good gains in my biceps, chest. triceps and shoulder muscles.  Just need to work on my diet a bit more to get those abs.

Five Fantastic Exercises for Pregnant Women

When you get pregnant you may think that’s the end of your exercise routine. However, as long as you consider the suitable options you can carry on exercising. In this article I suggest 5 exercises you can do whilst pregnant.

Before you start any exercise you should work out your target heart rate. To do this you first need to determine your maximum heart rate. One way to do this is using the formula:

– MHR = 220 – Age

Your target heart rate will then be 60%-65% of your maximum heart rate. So if you are 40 your maximum heart rate will be around 180 beats per minute (BPM) and your target heart rate will be between 109 BPM and 117 BPM. Once you have determined your target heart rate, try to stay within it. This will ensure that you don’t over exert yourself.

After you have performed the above heart rate calculations you can move onto the actual exercise. As promised here are the 5 exercises for pregnant women:

1) TAKE A DAILY BRISK WALK:- Walking is a good exercise which can be performed within your comfort zone. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and monitor the distance you have covered.

2) YOGA:- Yoga allow you to relieve the stress, anxiety and worries associated with pregnancy. If you feel at any time you have overdone it when practicing yoga consult your doctor.

3) SWIMMING:- Swimming is another great way to exercise without placing undue strain on your body. It can help reduce the pain and pressure associated with pregnancy and is one of the best possible exercises during the third trimester.

4) PILATES:- Pilates can support more comfortable pregnancies by strengthening the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. Pilates is also a popular exercise with new mothers because it helps them get their figure back.

5) WEIGHT TRAINING:- Weight training is a good exercise for pregnant women provided it is performed in moderation and light weights are used. The benefits can include more energy and reduced leg cramps.

If you decide to continue exercising when pregnant also make sure to take the following into account so that you do not over exert yourself:

– Make sure you are getting adequate amounts of rest.

– Try not to exercise when it is hot and humid as it will increase your core temperature.

– Do not exercise when you are sick.

– Make sure that you warm up five minutes before you exercise.

I hope this article gives you some ideas if you want to carry on exercising when pregnant. Keeping up your exercise routine will make you feel better, maintain your existing fitness levels and prepare your body for the additional strains and stress caused by pregnancy. Before beginning any exercise routine you are advised to consult your obstetrician and/or gynaecologist to determine which exercises are safest at each point of your pregnancy. However, provided you follow the advice of a professional you can create a fun, fitness routine for your pregnancy.

Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercises

Aerobics is basically a form of aerobic exercise with the purpose of improving one’s overall fitness that includes muscular strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular health. The development of this particular method of exercise, termed aerobic, was attributed to Dr. Kenneth Cooper and Col. Pauline Potts.

Puzzled by people with excellent muscular strength to perform poorly in such simple physical tasks as walking, running, swimming or bicycling, Dr. Cooper started measuring people’s abilities to use oxygen doing these physical activities.

Later, he published a book which provided the exercise methods that became the basis for today’s modern aerobics programs.

Aerobic exercise

In a literal sense, “aerobic” means “with oxygen”. It is the use of oxygen in the manufacturing of energy as performed by the muscles.

Aerobic exercise is any type of physical exercise performed at moderate levels of intensity for a period of time. In this exercise, oxygen is used to “burn” fats and sugar to produce adenosine triphosphate which is the basic carrier of energy in the cellular level.

In order for fats to burn completely during a physical exercise, it needs oxygen. The moderation required in an aerobic exercise enables the muscle cells to be continuously supplied with enough oxygen.

Examples of aerobic activity would include running long distance at moderate speed. (Sprinting is not an aerobic exercise.) Playing single tennis is considered an aerobic activity because the action is near-continuous. Golf and doubles tennis, however, are not considered aerobic activities because of their more frequent breaks.


Aerobics is the general term used for exercises that combine several elements – aerobic exercise, stretching, and strength training – with the main purpose of increasing one’s personal fitness (flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and muscular strength).

Popularized by celebrities and celebrity exercise gurus, aerobic exercises are usually performed with music and with a group. Usually, there is an instructor who leads the movements and the cuing of changes in the exercise movements.

Aerobics today has evolved into something that is performed with various routines that include a number of dance-like movements. Also, aerobics classes are now divided into different levels of intensity and complexity.

Gyms and exercise centers offer a wide variety of aerobics classes for everyone. These classes are taught by a certified instructor. Sometimes, they have specialty areas and related levels of instructions.

Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic (“without oxygen”) exercise is the opposite of aerobic (“with oxygen”) exercise. Both words, aerobic and anaerobic, refer to energy courses that are used during a physical exercise.

An anaerobic exercise usually pertains to the initial phase of exercise, or any short burst of intense exertion, where the glycogen or sugar is consumed without oxygen.

These exercises are characterized by increased pace or with greater effort. Anaerobic exercises burn more calories requiring a greater demand for oxygen which are not available in adequate quantities for cells to burn fat.

In strenuous anaerobic exercises like sprinting or lifting heavy weights, we develop an “oxygen debt” to the body. The muscles will then switch to burning mainly carbohydrates (up to 95%), a fuel that burns quickly and does not require oxygen.

The anaerobic exercise causes the increase of the body’s metabolic rate. This, in turn, burns fat even if the whole exercise used the body’s carbohydrates.

For today’s busybodies, aerobics can certainly help strengthen your body muscles and that of your heart, tones the body, and helps improve overall blood circulation.

Pregnant Safety Tips during Hot Weather

In hot weather countries due to increase in temperature in summer, people have to face health problems and required to observe safety precautions in order to avoid any heat stroke or other summer related diseases.  Hot weather and warmth is most terrible for pregnant women.

Pregnancy week by week

Week by week pregnancy stages change; almost all stages of pregnancy, sensation of heat due to progesterone hormone and heat emitted by the fetus is very much prominent. So extra care is required for pregnant in summer and hot weather. Read on the following guidelines helpful to pregnant during summer season:-

Easy Dress Wear comfortable clothes and under garments according to weather requirements and avoid wearing tight clothes like jeans and uneasy bra or under wears.

Dress Quality Quality of clothes should be nice and decent avoid synthetic clothes which may warm up easily.

Easy Shoes As regard to shoes, it should be comfortable, flexible and without long heal of ventilated design with fewer straps in order to avoid perspiration and heat.

Room Temerature It is necessary to have air conditioner / air cooler or at least fan at home and at work place to lower the temperature.

Freshness Use of air freshener in room is always having soothing sensation to feel.

Bathing Frequent taking a shower and bathing may increase freshness and helpful to remove dirt promoting healthy skin and hairs.

Ventilation Remove yourself to ventilated place under low temperature and avoid cooking work in kitchen for long time.

Pregnancy Diet Increase water intake sufficiently in order to avoid dehydration. Fresh fruit juices, milk and plenty of pure water may help as pregnancy diet to fight with hot weather consequences.

Physical Exersion Avoid heavy physical exercises and standing long time for laundry work or any excessive physical exertion which may cause any injury.

Sun Exposure Avoid sun exposure as much as possible, in unavoidable circumstances use umbrella and keep water bottle with you.

Time Management Avoid unnecessary travelling and shopping at peak hours of the hot days.

Good Sleep Have a good sleep and rest with emotional satisfaction, try to avoid any stress, depression or fear about pregnancy.

Fitness and Muscle Toning Tips for Women in Their 30’s – Significant Things You Should be Aware of

The thirties are a peak time for any woman. It is the age when they are busy with their careers and have ascended to a higher step in the promotional ladder. At this time, they are already in the thick of domestic family life as they juggle their work obligations with raising school age children and playing the role of wives to their husbands. In most cases, the responsibilities women in their thirties face often leave them with precious little time for themselves, much more for exercise.

However, exercises for women in their thirties are a must if they want to avoid the shock that greets them when they turn forty and realize that the flab that has already accumulated stubbornly refuses to go away. What women in their thirties must realize is that a strong and fit body at this point in their lives plays a great role as to whether they will age gracefully or not. When a woman does not observe a regular workout program at this time, her metabolism will eventually slow down, her bone and muscle mass will decrease and fat build up will become inevitable. This becomes potentially problematic as all sorts of problems creep up when all these start happening.

Aside from carefully watching her diet, exercises for women in their thirties should involve those that develop her core muscles and develop her overall muscular strength. Thus, abdominal, back and pelvic muscle exercises for women in their thirties serve to increase strength and improve function in these areas. Sit ups, crunches, push ups, planks and pull ups as well as jogging and cycling serve to strengthen the core so that day-to-day activities such as lifting or walking are done efficiently and with reduced risk of injury. Stability ball workouts also accomplish this same goal. For those who can afford it and have the time for it, enrolling in a regular Pilates or Yoga class is a great way to strengthen the core.

Resistance training is another exercise for women in their thirties that shed excess fat and forms lean muscles. When you observe a regular strength training regimen at least two times a week, you work towards shaping your body and maintaining that shape even as you age. High intensity interval training or HIIT is also a very effective regimen for those who want to fit an exercise program into their busy schedules. With HIIT, you alternate periods of high intensity workouts, such as sprints, with short periods of rest, such as jogs or walks in the short space of 15 minutes. To do sprint interval training, run for one full minute at high intensity and jog for 30 seconds and alternate your exercises this way until the 15 minutes are up. This exercise does not take up much time and is highly-effective in burning excess fat.

So when you’re already in your thirties, don’t let your hectic schedule prevent you from squeezing even just 15 minutes of exercise each day. Stay fit and toned in your thirties. Observe a regular workout schedule.

Increase the Number of Pull-ups You Can Do By 50% in One Day

Pull ups are hard, but they are one of the few true tests of strength. I say this because some powerlifters can bench 600 or squat 800, but they also weigh 300+ and can barely manage 5 pull ups. This is one of the few exercises where you can measure relative fitness by comparing the ratio of the number of pull ups completed to bodyweight.

Some of you might get mad at me, talking about powerlifters training for strength rather than endurance, but the fact of the matter is that when I was powerlifting I could still do 15 pull ups at 195 lbs.

Now, let me take you back to high school gym class; the year was 1993, I was 15 years old. Mr. Buatti the gym teacher, who happens to bare a striking resemblance to Coach Buzzcut, called my name to stand up in front of the class and do an many pull ups as I can. The football jocks each knocked out from 10 to 20 and the wiry tough kid with only 3 fingers on one hand completed 14 of them. I got 3. It was humiliating.

Now we come back to the present. Recently I started doing pull ups again after a year layoff. On my first set, I got 5 reps. A week later I was up to 8 reps. Just yesterday I did a set of 11 reps. But I want more. I have done 18 pull ups before; I have also done 5 pull ups with a 45 lb plate hanging off a belt. So, how can I get back to that place? How can YOU get to that place?

The Pyramid Pull Up Strategy

This is the description of a little program that I have used to increase my pull ups quickly in the past.

Here are the instructions:

1. Start by doing one pull up.
2. Rest for 10 seconds, but don’t hang there. Stand on something and take all the tension off your arms and back.
3. Do one pull up more than you did in the previous step.
4. Go back to step 2 and repeat until you can’t complete the required reps.
5. Take a break for 2 minutes and do it again. Complete 2-3 sets.

You might feel weak because normally you can do 10 or 12 pull ups in a set, and you finish this exercise with a set of 6. We need to look at an example to see why this is so effective.

Normally I could do 3 sets of 11, 9, and 7 reps for a total of 27 reps at bodyweight. Using the pyramid I ended up doing sets of 1,2,3,4,5,6 then 1,2,3,4,3 and 1,2,3,1 for a total of 41 reps at bodyweight in nearly the same amount of time. That’s nearly a 50% increase in the number of reps in just one day!

Which protocol do you think will force your body to adapt and grow stronger?

Try completing a pull up pyramid twice a week for 1 month then see what your new 1 set max is. Over the course of 4 weeks I have gone from 5 reps to 11 reps by doing the pyramid once a week and 1 regular set of pull ups every other morning.

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Reviews

Iron Gym Customer Highlights:

The Iron Gym Pull Up Bar installs in the doorway of a home. There are no tools or screws needed for installation and assembles in about 10 minutes. Using ones own body weight, the Iron Gym supports up to 300 lbs of and stays securely in place. There are 3 grip positions, neutral – wide – narrow, to provide variations to a workout routine.It comes with an informative manual that includes workout routines and a healthy eating guide. At only around $30.00, the Iron Gym seems to be a great idea and fun addition to any home gym fitness equipment.

The Iron Gym Workout:

The Iron Gym Routine works with the resistance of your own body weight is known to be very effective. The Navy Seals work out this way, so it has to be one of the best ways to build a strong body. The Iron Gym will target the chest, arms and back in one pull up. Abs get in shape as well with the Iron Gym by pulling up legs to chest and if you twist from side to side the obliques get targeted too. Put Iron Gym on the floor and do some killer push ups for arms back and chest.

Customer Reviews:

Most people are satisfied with the Iron Gym, saying it delivers what is promised in the infomercial. Basically, you get what you put into it, was often mentioned. One guy said he enjoys his so much, he often walks through the doorway to his bedroom and stops to do a set or two before bed, work or anytime through out the day. He said he could only do 2 pull ups the first day and now he’s up to 7 in two months. It would be a nice way to get the blood flowing. Customers liked the time saving factor the Iron Gym routine provides compared to hitting the gym after work. Other praised the value and space saving features.

Reports all said that the Iron Gym pull up bar offers faster results in less time and they love how Iron Gym targets so many muscle groups at once. Several customers weighing over 200 lbs wrote in to say the Iron Gym held their weight just fine and remained very secure during the workout.


Your doorway needs to be 24 – 32 inches wide and 5.5 – 6 inches thick in order for the Iron Gym to fit. Some older homes may not have the right size for the Iron Gym to fit securely, so make sure you measure the door. You’ll need a few inches on each side of the door as you can see in the pictures, so measure for that too. There is a chance for the door frame to get scuffed a little. There were some who didn’t care for the limited range of motion for dips as you can’t get very low. Otherwise the workout was highly praised.

Over All Conclusion:

Iron Gym is a nice alternative to a full size home gym. It goes well with a free weight workout or any other for that matter. Most forum writers agreed that those who had problems with Iron Gym must not have had it installed correctly or their door wasn’t the right size. Otherwise customers said it was well worth the money paid.

Save up to 50% when you buy Iron Gym from trusted Ebay sellers. Whether you looking for a new or used Iron Gym, Ebay has the best selection and the best prices on Iron Gym.

Anabolic Steroid Cycles

What are the common ways that are followed to use anabolic steroid? Get to know here.

Steroids are a large part of the modern bodybuilding industry. Anabolic steroids are a class of natural and synthetic steroid hormones that promote cell growth and division, resulting in growth of several types of tissues, especially muscle and bone.

People who take anabolic steroid follow a pattern of usage, commonly referred to as anabolic steroid cycles. The objective of following such routine is usually two fold. One, users opt to take the drug in sporadic pre-determined intervals so as to minimize side effects. Secondly, the dosage is so designed as to accelerate the chance of meeting the end result sooner than otherwise.

Terms like ‘cycling’, ‘stacking’ and ‘pyramiding’ refer to common techniques used as part of anabolic steroid cycles. They are briefly explained below:


This term is simply used to refer to the time one is on steroids. Cycling is the pattern of usage in which multiple doses of a particular drug are scheduled over a specific period of time, stopping thereafter for some time and then resuming the same routine again


Stacking is similar to cycling but differs from it in the sense that while cycling involves one type of drug, stacking usually involves two or more different anabolic steroids, mixing oral and/or injectable types, and sometimes even including compounds that are meant for veterinary use. Stacking is resorted to in the belief that two or more steroids will produce more pronounced effect than each drug taken individually. This theory has not however been tested scientifically.


In this case, user will start at a low base, slowly escalating the dosage with time by either increasing the number and frequency of a single drug or doing so with multiple drugs till the pinnacle is reached half way, whereupon the dosage is progressively reduced to ultimately bring it to zero. As can be seen, pyramiding is an offshoot of either cycling or stacking though the usage pattern differs from both. Users typically pyramid their doses in cycles of 6 to 12 weeks.

Facts about the steroid Turinabol

Turinabol is known commonly as Oral Turinabol or T-bol. Jenapharm, a German pharmaceutical company, originally produced it and has close resemblance to Dianabol, which is a stronger version of Turinabol. This steroid began being used by athletes in order to help them improve. However, contrary to what most people think, it is a safe steroid. Since it is unable to aromatase into estrogen, you will not experience any estrogen side effects. Dosage is very important to maintain your peak. A swell-regulated cycle will ensure that your body remains fit and healthy throughout. Many athletes and body builders use it just before big events in order to crank up their routine. The C17 Alpha Alkylated steroid should be started of in doses of 30 to 60mg for cutting as well as pre-contest stacks. The one advantage is that Turinabol that has anabolic effects allows you to enhance yourself without weight gain due to water retention. It has the properties that range from something between Dianabol and Anavar. It is well balanced and suitable for athletes to use. The present availability of this steroid is quite limited now and is only found underground. It is manufactured by a few labs.

Some myths

The biggest myth surrounding this steroid is that it is not a good choice for people suffering with hair loss. This is not true. It all depends on your intake and ability to use it consistently. Dosing beyond 80mg is not recommended with any anabolic steroids. It is also important to use an anti-anxiety substance to stabilize it if is required. Turinabol is associated with myths like weight gain, aggression, anxiety and depression. This again is not true. Studies suggest that people do not follow the right cycle and sometimes over use the steroid.

T-Bol dosage for athletes

T-bol should be used ideally for six to eight weeks at a maximum consumption of 60-80mg. You can expect to gain a good seven to ten pounds of lean weight in your first cycle. You can lose faster as compared to cardio training or any other workout at the gym. Start low with 30-40mg and then build from there with each cycle. You can combine it with Novaldex which acts as a pct. Remember that if you do not see any signs of weight gain, give it a few days. You will definitely notice significant changes towards the end of the cycle. Many people suggest that switching from Turinabol to Anavar is better. This too is not true. Anavar does not yield the same results and will only help with weight loss and not lean gains.

Finding Turinabol

Since it is not openly sold in the market, the only place to get it will be at select labs and online stores. It usually goes for around ninety dollars online for a hundred tablets of 10mg each. You will need to order accordingly. To get that lean yet hardened look of a bodybuilder, turinabol is your savior.

How To Do The Best Pull-Up Ever!

If you want wider lats, have I got an exercise for you! This one will blow up your lats like no other type of pull-up I’ve found. The secret to this one lies in where you do the pull-up…

But I’m not very good at keeping secrets so here it is…

You do the pull-ups in the CORNER of the power rack!

I know it’s hard to contain yourself at this point, but try to keep it together! Once I explain how to do pull-ups in the corner of the rack and why this corner pull-up works so good, you’ll be itching to get to the gym and try it.

To really properly explain why it works so good, you first need to know how to do it so you can visualize how it works.

Now, to do this exercise, you’re going to need a power rack. And that’s pretty much it. Technically, you should also be able to do at least 6 to 8 reps of regular pull-ups in order to perform this exercise. But even if you can’t do that, I’m also going to show you a way to spot yourself so you can perform this exercise and get just as much out of it as anybody else.

So even if you can’t do full pull-ups, keep reading!

First, stand facing the corner of the rack. Now reach up with your left hand and grip the top cross-bar with a PALM-FACING-AWAY grip (a.k.a. reverse grip) about 18 inches from the corner. Now reach up with your right hand and grip the side top beam with the same grip at the same relative distance from the corner as your left hand. You want to be sure to keep your grip even on the beams. Definitely experiment with grip width to best match your armspan when performing this exercise.

Now you’re ready to pull!

Bend your knees and get your feet off the ground. You’ll immediately notice the tension in your lats in that bottom position. Perform a regular pull-up movement, bringing your body up as high as possible.

Here’s the big trick…as you pull yourself up, try to consciously PUSH OUTWARDS against the cross-beams of the rack. This outwards pushing combined with the pulling up puts huge tension on the extreme outer fibers of the lats.

So pull yourself up as high as possible then lower yourself slowly and under complete control. The negative on this exercise is very intense and the stretch it puts on your lats is phenomenal!

As you get towards the bottom, let your arms go completely straight to maximize the stretch on the lats. Be sure to keep tension in the shoulders, though. Even though your arms are straight, you want your body to still be supported by muscle tension in the lats and not the tendons and ligaments of your shoulder joints.

Now pull back up again, remembering to push outwards against the cross-beams as you pull up.

Keep going until you can’t do any more reps. It’s a tough exercise and an eye-opener even for people who generally can do a lot of pull-ups!

So how do you do this exercise if you can’t do a lot of (or any!) pull-ups? Self-spotting with your feet.

When you’re in the rack, you can either set the safety rail or the racking pin (the hook that you rack the weight on) to about 2 feet or so off the ground. The exact height will depend on how tall your rack is and how tall you are. Basically, you’re going to be using it as a step. As you do the pull-up, you’re going to set your foot on that pin/rail and use your legs to help you get the reps.

It’s important here to give yourself only as much help as you need to complete the rep you’re doing, NOT so much that you’re just standing up and down and going through the motions. You want to keep strong tension on the lats to get the most out of this exercise.

This technique is good not only for those who need help right off the bat but for doing forced reps when you CAN do full reps on your own. When you can’t perform another full rep on your own, set your foot on the pin/rail and keep going!

You can also perform this exercise using a palms-facing-in grip, but I’ve found it to be less effective in terms of hitting the outer lats than the palms-facing-out version.


If wider lats are what you’re looking for, this exercise will do the trick. It’s a powerful variation of an old standard and will really fire your lats up fast! Test it out in your next back workout and be sure to let me know how SORE your lats are the next day…

Necessary Information on Pullup Banner Displays

Rollup flag stands are accessible with various names like roller shows, standard showcases, pull up pennants, presentation remains, in addition to some more. Despite these diverse names, the essential framework is the same; a printed realistic is connected to a framework that backlashes inside a defensive metal unit for capacity until the presentation is required. At the point when the stand requires get together, the realistic is spread out and appended to a post those spaces into the metal packaging.

At the point when searching for a pull up banner supplier, there are a couple focuses to recollect –

1. Elevated Expectations

Are the pennant stands of the quality you require? What material would they say they are imprinted on? These are only two of the things to consider before you purchase your stands. Some pull-up banners are particularly intended to be utilized just on more than one occasion so the materials and print quality are lower than typical, which is obviously reflected in the expense.

2. Cost

The expense of a rollup standard stand can shift massively with a few organizations charging a great deal more than most for what might really be the same stand. Size can likewise be a main consideration in the matter of cost. It is key to search around and locate the best remain for your prerequisites at the best cost.

3. Concealed Costs

Does your supplier charge additional for things, for example, convey packs, spotlights and printing? Continuously observe that the complete expense you are cited incorporates all that you require for your stand so you are not amazed by a startling bill after you have obtained your stand.

Whatever you require rollup flag remains for; guarantee that you get what is your requirement at a reasonable cost. Your pennant showcases are a reflection of your organization so you need them to be as well as can be expected being, to be utilized on numerous occasions.

In the event that you are a businessman who every now and again goes on outings to advance your products or administrations at exchange appears, gatherings and presentations, then you will appreciate the advantages of utilizing move up pennant remains at your next limited time occasion. Pullup Banners prove to be useful for utilization at neighborhood specialty fairs and also display desk areas at show occasions. This is on the grounds that they find themselves able to give an expert show that effectively and obviously advances your products, administrations and brand message to your intended interest group.

If you have ever flown out to a presentation, then you see how troublesome it can be to set up your stand and make a helpful & expert unit that is tolerably evaluated also. Most of the small organizations work with limited spending plans and in this manner can’t manage the cost of expensive corners which are specially crafted and conveyed by similarly costly show supply organizations. Then again, rather than agony by stacking your whole stand onto a vehicle, train or plane, you might basically convey your move up flag stand with you as you walk around the show lobby.

Move up pennant stands are practical, lightweight and exceptionally compelling in passing on your brand message in an extremely gifted and proficient way. These standard stands are accessible in varieties, for example, the draw ups, the pop ups and the retractable pennant shows which are all perfect for setting out exhibitors to utilize. Ordinarily measuring less than 5kg, move up pennants are exceptionally compact and simple to transport starting with one area then onto the next.

Most of the pullup banner stands are accessible with discretionary conveying cases that have shoulder straps or handles to empower you to helpfully bear them to wherever you have to go. These standards likewise offer great worth for cash in light of the fact that for the appropriate sum, you can get your fundamental rollup pennant stand which incorporates illustrations and fabrics convey sack. The way that these flags are versatile, tough recyclable and are accessible in huge sizes to fit your limited time needs makes rollup pennants worth the cash.

As of late, makers have created more up to date & more propelled innovations to guarantee that your rollup flag is completely specially crafted to fit your specific needs. You can have the base of your rollup standard demonstrated in different routes in order to change and supplement your realistic. Ecologically cognizant business persons can likewise appreciate ecofriendly arrangements, for example, bamboo and pine remains for their rollup flags. With a decent rollup standard stand, you can get the most out of your presentation as you get the opportunity to concentrate on powerful approaches to pitch your items and administrations to potential customers that visit your stand.

The Best Alternatives To Steroid Nasal Sprays Such As Nasonex, Veramyst, Beconase And Rhinocort

There are extremely effective alternatives to steroid nasal sprays such as Nasonex, Veramyst, Beconase, Rhinocort, Flonase, Flixonase and Otravine.

Steroid nasal sprays can be used to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and non-allergic (perennial) rhinitis. They can reduce inflammation and histamine production in the nasal passages thereby relieving nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sinus pain, headaches etc.

However they have the following disadvantages;

  • They do not effectively treat bacterial or fungal sinusitis because they only relieve the symptoms and do not get rid of the underlying bacterial or fungal infection.
  • They can cause side effects such as nasal ulcers, cataracts, headaches, sore throat etc.
  • They do not work for everyone.

The following natural treatments have helped many people with nasal conditions and do not cause the side effects associated with steroid nasal sprays.

  • Natural nasal sprays – Natural nasal sprays such as SinuSoothe are doctor recommended and contain clinically proven ingredients. It kills bacterial and fungal infections, reduces histamine, desensitises the nasal passages to allergens, removes airborne irritants and relieves inflammation and associated symptoms. It is completely safe and non-addictive. Uses –  treats and relieves the symptoms of sinusitis, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and non-allergic (perennial) rhinitis.
  • Natural anti-histamines – Butterbur, stinging nettle etc. are all excellent at reducing histamine thereby relieving the symptoms of allergies and rhinitis. Butterbur in particular has been clinically proven to be just as effective as over the counter anti-histamines but without the side effects. Uses – treats and relieves the symptoms of hay fever, allergic rhinitis and non-allergic (perennial) rhinitis.
  • Saline nasal sprays – Saline nasal sprays such as Sterimar may be useful for moisturising the nasal passages, removing airborne irritants and relieving nasal congestion. They can be either isotonic or hypertonic solutions. These can be used long term, have no side effects and are non-addictive. However they are not particularly useful at reducing histamine (which causes allergic rhinitis) or killing bacterial and fungal infections. Uses – limited use to relieve sinusitis, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and non-allergic (perennial) rhinitis.
  • Nasal irrigation – A neti pot is used to irrigate the sinuses with either an isotonic or hypertonic solution. An isotonic solution has the same salt concentration as your body. A hypertonic solution has a higher salt content and may be more useful at drawing moisture and mucous from the sinuses. This may help reduce inflammation and relieve nasal congestion. It is a good practice for keeping your sinuses clean and removing irritants. It is completely safe provided you use the correct saline solution. It may help get rid of sinus infections however it does not reduce histamine. Uses – sinusitis, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and non-allergic (perennial) rhinitis.
  • Reducing stress levels – Stress contributes to ill health and should be minimised whenever possible. It reduces immune function and causes ‘flare ups’. Vitamin B complex assists the body during stressful times and magnesium, 5htp etc. can help to relax you. There are also plenty of other supplements that can relieve stress and help you to cope with it better. Pressure is healthy, stress is not.
  • Exercise – Exercise has been known to reduce chronic sinusitis symptoms since the endorphins released during exercise act as natural painkillers. It can also improve immune function provided it is not over strenuous.
  • Boosting immune system – Eating a balanced diet and supplementing with good quality vitamins etc. will improve immune system function and your ability to fight infection. Vitamin C, vitamin B complex, garlic and a multi-vitamin & mineral would help boost your immune system. Your local health food store should be able to advise you.
  • Natural anti-inflammatories- Since the symptoms of nasal conditions are caused by inflammation (either caused by infection or histamine) it follows that by reducing inflammation you will reduce the severity of the symptoms. Omega 3,6 &9 oils, vitamin C, turmeric and ginger are all excellent natural anti-inflammatories. There are plenty of others and your local health food store should be able to advise you on these. It usually takes about 4 weeks for these to start taking effect. Uses – treats and relieves the symptoms of sinusitis, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and non-allergic (perennial) rhinitis.
  • Pollen barriers – Pollen barriers such as special barrier gel inside the nostrils can catch pollen before it enters the nasal passages thus relieving hay fever symptoms.

Please consult your doctor before using new treatments.

Pregnancy – With Holistic Method, You Will Surely Get Pregnant

Women face a lot of different kinds of problems to conceive and feel the joy of motherhood. But, it is not easy to get rid of the pregnancy problems. There are many complications that make it extremely hard for women to become a mother.

There are many ways to eliminate the pregnancy problems, but going for the conventional treatment methods is not something that I would recommend you. Read on and know that how the holistic treatment methods can help you get pregnant very easily. Here, you will get to know about the holistic guide for natural pregnancy solution.

Steps to get Pregnant Successfully –

Diet and Exercise – Both these two things are very important for women who want to get pregnant. The food you eat daily is very important for your fertility. Food is the only way to supply the required nutrition to the internal body organs, so the diet you eat should be very healthy. Eat fruits, vegetables and also have good intake of nutrients through supplements. Exercise benefits you a lot when you have healthy diets. It is not only good for the general fitness, but it also works for your fertility. Do exercise daily.

Acupuncture – This Chinese technique is really a wonderful treatment method that works for treating a wide number of ailments. It works by inserting needles into the body and releasing energy to restore the required balance and implementing proper functioning of the body. It cures infertility and other conception related problems. Acupuncture is one of the most effective natural treatment therapies. Acupuncture balances the level of hormones in your body which is very important for a woman to become a mother. The ‘Ear Acupuncture; is widely used for pregnancy.

Yoga – Yoga is also one of the natural treatment therapies that work perfectly for pregnancy. It is a complete fitness workout regime that has great physical and mental health benefits. It cures infertility and other reproduction related problems in women. There are many Yoga asana that are practiced with breathing techniques and they give positive results for the conception problems. This is one of the simple techniques to get pregnant fast.

Herbs – There are many different kinds of natural herbs that work effectively for the problems related to conception. The Chinese herbs are widely popular for their magical properties that work for infertility, PCOS and all other problems. Raspberry and Ginseng are two popular herbs that work magically for pregnancy.

Unlike the other available pregnancy treatment methods, the holistic treatment methods just not benefit you physically, but also spiritually.  They are safe and effective.

The holistic guide for natural pregnancy solution also involves lifestyle changes like staying away from addiction. Addiction like smoking, drinking and drugs causes very harmful effects on your reproduction health. So, stay away from these things.

Also, sleep good daily. When you sleep less than the required amount of time, it leads to conception problems. So, sleep for at least 8 hours and it works as one of the natural pregnancy treatment therapies.

Reduce stress – it is one of the biggest reasons behind the pregnancy problems. So, reduce stress by increasing your physical activities. It is one of the simple techniques to get pregnant fast.

The holistic approach to pregnancy issues not only eliminates the problem from the root, but it also addresses all the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects attached to the problem itself.

The holistic pregnancy treatments are safe, effective and cheap. So, follow these steps to get pregnant successfully and you will hopefully become a mother.

Women Do Not Need the Gym to Get Fit

Women Who Want to Get Fit Without Going to The Gym

Many women today are worried about how they look, their weight, being registered with a gym etc. The truth is nobody needs to waste their money on expensive gym memberships.

Gym machines for a start restrict the body’s natural range of motion and are therefore used for isolated movements. This is why we do not need them and I do not use or recommend them.

Alternating your routine is also important to avoid our bodies from doing what is known as plateau. This is where the body or muscle gets used to a repetitive exercise or routine and your body does not benefit from it. It takes around three to four weeks for the body to get used to a repetitive exercise, and continuing to exercise like this can lead to repetitive strain injuries.

The important thing to remember is that workouts and routines are not designed to last for long periods. In fact the theme is high intensity short workouts that are scientifically proven to achieve results every time.

Women’s bodies are different to that of men. For example, women do not physically produce enough testosterone in their bodies to produce large muscles like men. Strength training is important but we use this for toning and not bulking up. Ensuring that we use your lean muscles is important because this acts metabolically and allows the muscles to burn fat even after fitness activity. Therefore, we need to concentrate on high intensity to ensure you get back into that dress again.

Life today

We are all living busy lives now and for women who have to work but particularly for those who have children and work, finding the time for anything else can seem impossible. Woman are under more and more pressure to look good all of the time as part of the socially acceptable norm.

So lets look at how a normal day unfolds for some women today:

0630hrs Wake up get washed and dressed get the kids washed and dressed

0730hrs Make breakfast for everyone

0830hrs Take the kids off to school

0930hrs Start work

1500hrs Finish work

1530hrs Collect kids from school

1600hrs Organise kids homework

1700hrs Prepare and eat dinner

1800hrs Bath kids

1930hrs Put Kids to bed

So does this routine look familiar to women who have children? In many ways it highlights exactly how much a woman has to do through the course of a typical day

How do I find the time?

You should not be expected to spend hours or long periods of time working out. Firstly it’s not recommended, and secondly we simply don’t have the time in our busy lives. It is important to remember to focus on high intensity sessions in short periods of time.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important part of motivation and this is where you can have an input into what targets you want to achieve. You also need to look at setting three types of goals:

Short term

Medium term

Long term

If you can be realistic about what goals you hope to achieve over a realistic time period, then you are on the right path. It is extremely important that you only set achievable goals too, or this will have the opposite effect of motivation. A gradual and steady progression is all that is required, particularly if you have not been exercising for some time.

Benefits of setting goals

Hitting your goals and set targets can have a massively positive benefit to you as an individual by keeping you motivated. If you reach your goals and even complete them then the cycle just simple starts again, where you just adjust and set yourself new goals to reach.

Goals help you to feel motivated, since it gives you an inner reliance sensation, which comes from knowing your direction and purpose in life. Goals follow plans that you set to accomplish something at a reasonable time. Once you have your plans and goals set, follow up with action. Take action each day and set them realistic goals.

Is Aerobic Exercise Really Necessary?

What exactly is aerobic exercise? According to Wikipedia, it means exercise to involve oxygen consumption. Aerobic refers to the use of oxygen in the body’s energy-generating process. Why do we train aerobically? The advantages are many. With sufficient training of at least 3 times a week, the benefits are:

a) Increased Resting Metabolic Rate to assist in fat loss
b) Increase in the body’s production of antioxidants
c) Encourages a healthy cardiovascular system
d) Strengthens the heart muscle
e) Helps fight infections
f) Helps strengthen bone mass (with the exception of cycling and swimming)

An efficient and safe method to execute involves the following phases:

1) Warm Up Phase
The muscles that are required to be active need to warm up beforehand. This could be a light 5 minute walk on the treadmill to get the blood flowing to the muscles before a run.

2) Stretching Phase
After the warm up, your body temperature would have risen slightly to cause mild sweat. This is the best time to stretch all the muscles to minimize injury such as sprains during the workout itself and to prepare them for the motions.

3) The Aerobic Phase
The actual aerobic phase can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. There are two types of aerobic training. One is the continuous type where you will maintain your heart rate between 65% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. What is the calculation of your maximum heart rate? It is 220 minus your age. If you are 40 years old, your maximum heart rate is 180 beats per minute. You will be training between 117-144 beats per minute.

The second type of aerobic training is the high interval type, which is alternating between a sprint and a walk. The recommended length of this type of training need not be longer than 20-30 minutes per session due to its intensity.

4) Cool Down Phase
This is an important part of the whole process as the body needs to wind down after the stress which the body has to endure in the aerobic phase. A 5 minutes walk is sufficient to cool down.

5) Stretching Phase
Stretching is not just necessary for warming up. It is also crucial after cooling down to ensure the muscles stay flexible and free of injuries. Bouncing movements, however, is not encourages in this phase.

Many people start an aerobic activity with good intentions to get healthier and lose weight only to give up after a month or two. Why? Usually it’s due to jumping in too quickly and doing too much after being sedentary for years. Sometimes, it’s poor planning & poor time management. Many times, the activity itself is so tedious and so boring, even a hamster would jump of the wagon.

This is something only you can decide. The activity you choose should define your personality. For instance, I love to dance and I’m active in martial arts. When I’m in a gym and I want to get a good cardio session, I will naturally gravitate towards a dance or body combat class. I have a lot of fun and I get my aerobic training at the same time!

If your favorite exercise is clicking the remote control at your sofa and need to be pushed a lot to get moving, I would suggest doing a little reading on the various types of interesting activities that you can incorporate into your life to include family members and close friends if you hate doing solitary workouts.

At least the whole family gets involved in living a healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to do it alone, you know.

Exercise Guide For Pregnant Women by Trimester

Women are encouraged to do exercise when they are pregnant, because it will improve their pregnancy outcome. Some of the benefits of having exercises before and during pregnancy can lower the risk of having premature delivery. It can increase the weight of the baby and help to manage the stress due to pregnancy hormones. The bottom line is the exercise will help a pregnant woman do better emotionally and physically. However, during the stages of pregnancy, there are some exercises are not good for certain stages. The following are some guidelines that you can take to help you know what exercises you can or cannot do during certain stages of pregnancy:

Getting Pregnant

When you are trying to get pregnant, they are few sorts of exercises that you:


  • First of all, doing exercise is much recommended for everyone, especially when you are trying to get pregnant. When you are conceiving, you should prefer intermittent activity.
  • Start with a short warm-up, like five minutes or so by slow walking, this is very essential particularly when you are going to do vigorous exercise
  • If you need to perform a warm-up at the beginning, you also have to do a gradually declining activity, such as gentle stretching after doing a strenuous exercise
  • When you are performing the exercise, it is a good idea to keep checking your heart rate, because when you reach the peak of exercise, it should not exceed a maximum 150 beats per minute.
  • Drink liquids as much as possible before and after exercise to avoid dehydration. You can stop for few seconds to drink liquids.


  • Avoid bouncy/jerky motions
  • Should not do extreme stretching exercises, due to the relaxation of connective tissue.
  • It is highly recommended to begin with physical activity of very high intensity if you have been in a sedentary lifestyle or job.
  • Do not do exercise if you are ill, or the weather becomes very hot and humid.
  • Do not continue your exercise if you notice something strange appear (unusual symptoms).

1st Trimester Exercise Guide


  • Aerobic exercise. This exercise can be any kind of exercise that can improve your heart rate and breathing, like swimming and fast walking. You can do the aerobic exercise few times in a week which lasts 20-30 minutes per session. This exercise will help you improve the fetus circulation, muscle strength and tone, and avoid venous stasis problems as well as excess weight.
  • Walking. When you do walking, you should wear proper shoes to provide appropriate good support. If you do this exercise in the right amount and weather, it can improve your health, as well as your little angel.
  • Swimming. This exercise gives you a cardiovascular exercise. During swimming exercise, your body also performs stretching and muscle toning which minimizes joint strain. You can swim 20 minutes, three times in a week to keep the shape of your body.
  • Relaxation techniques. This technique can help you focus and breath. Besides, it also works psychologically in your body by relieving everyday stress and training your mind to release emotional tension. In yoga, there are some popular styles that you can select, such as kundalini yoga and iyengar yoga. You may want to get some massage treatments. Knead and stroke your body little bit can make your tight muscle become more relaxed.
  • Kegel Exercises. This exercise can assist you to prepare the muscles of the pelvic floor for the stress of baby delivery. Then later on, it also helps your muscles return to their former shape after giving birth. In order to find your pelvic muscles, you need to consult with your doctor/nurse.
  • Weight Training. The benefits of this training are basically similar with other sorts of exercise. If you would like to do the training, you can either use training machines (like in health club) or free weights. But, you should remember you have to work out with lighter weights and see your doctor before you start any weight program. Take a 60-second rest between sets of repetitions.


  • Avoid walking in hot/humid weather (avoid the risk of overheating)
  • It is good to do few yoga postures, but some other yoga postures are highly forbidden to perform, especially the ones that require you to lie flat on your back.
  • If you use weights during pregnancy, avoiding straining with your airway closed is good. Pregnant women usually do that unconsciously when they lift weight.

2nd trimester Exercise Guide:

4th Month


  • Doing weight training while seated can be a choice, because the baby and the placenta are growing, and the total blood volume has increased. They can cause dizziness and lightheaded when you stand.
  • You can do moderate running/jogging. However, you should make sure that you run on flat ground with very few obstacles because your uterus gets larger which makes you more imbalanced.
  • Yoga can still be performed in this stage of pregnancy. But, you need to do less extending and stretching postures. And you are also recommended to stay closer to the floor as you get bigger gradually and your joints become loosened that affect your balance.
  • Swimming is still allowed, but you should not get yourself too tired.


  • You should avoid doing exercises that require you to lie on your back, such as sit-ups.
  • Do not perform any exercise that needs you to stand motionlessly for an extended period.
  • Though weight training while seated still can be performed, it is a lot better if you avoid this type of exercise after your first trimester, as it decreases the amount of blood flow to your kidney and uterus. And, it also reduces the amount of oxygenated blood for your baby and yourself.

5th Month


  • Yoga is definitely still recommended, but in this month, you have to find a special class for pregnant women. If you cannot find any class for this purpose, you may want to find a book of yoga poses that are meant for pregnant women.
  • Walking is still good, but please, be careful when you do this exercise.
  • Like walking and yoga, you still can do this exercise. However, you should swim for short periods of time, as you may not overexert yourself.


  • Do not do too much walking, swimming, yoga that makes yourself become huffing and puffing. It is better if you have someone with you when you do this exercise.
  • Avoid exercises which require you to do extreme stretches.
  • Do not do any high-impact activities such as running and aerobics, as it puts a lot of stress on your joints which raise the risk of falling.

6th month


  • You are still able to perform yoga and weight training. However, in this stage, there are more ‘donts’, than ‘do’.


  • You are at the end of your second trimester; therefore you are really required to get the extra support for your balance. Therefore, when you have to avoid yoga poses that stretch abdominal muscles that need you to lay on your back
  • When you are in weight training, you have to be careful to avoid blunt injury to the abdomen from dropping weight.

3rd Trimester Exercise Guide


  • Your pregnancy is going to reach its time, so you should be more careful when you do exercise. Walking 20-30 minutes every day will be a good choice.
  • There are few yoga poses that are good for this stage, such as Ardh Titli Asan which requires you to keep your legs outstretched.
  • The bottom line for this stage is to keep yourself dehydrated, eat very nutritious meals and don’t push yourself too hard!


  • Don’t do any exercise that puts a strain on your back.

General Guide and Reminders

Some points above are the exercises that you should do and shouldn’t do during certain stages of your pregnancy. However, there are some general ideas of exercises that you really have to avoid, such as:

  • Any exercises that have a high risk of falling, like water skiing, gymnastics, horseback riding, etc.
  • Any sport that could make any trauma to your abdomen, like soccer, softball, basketball.
  • Do not go scuba diving while you’re pregnant. This type of exercise can increase the pressure to you and your baby, as the result, it could cause miscarriage, birth defect, or premature labor.
  • Do not exercise to a place at high altitude that is more than 6,000 feet as the higher the place is, the less oxygen your baby will get.
  • Besides, high temperature of weather, you should also avoid hot bath water, saunas, and the like.

Aerobic Exercise(Cardio): What Is The Ideal Duration ?

The ideal duration of aerobic exercise(cardio) is different for different circumstances and depends on parameters as:


How often is it done?


At what percentage of our maximum heart rate?

– Our objectives.

Do we aim for maximum fat loss,increased aerobic or anaerobic capacity? Maybe something else?

The kind of the workout.

Purely aerobic or a combination with weight training?

The time we have at our disposal.

Our fitness level.

General advice on the duration of aerobic exercise(cardio).

1. Avoid long,boring, low intensity aerobic workouts because your gains will be minimal and disproportional to your invested time.

The fat burning zone is a myth which still has appeal because it is convenient. To burn more fat you will need higher intensity:

2. When speaking for a medium to high intensity–that is to say for about 70-85% of our maximum heart rate–a duration of 30′-40′ is considered as ideal.
A shorter duration will not give substantial results while a longer one may have unpleasant consequences on our muscle mass.

3. If you can only afford  limited time maybe you should try for a most time-efficient exercise form likehill sprints or equivalent.

4. If your objective is maximum fat loss you can try two sessions in the same day of about 30′ each.

5. A high intensity is perfect for impressive results but is risky too. Overtraining,injuries and losing valuable ground could be some of the consequences.

To burn a lot of fat you will need sufficient intensity and duration.

If you simply want to reap benefits like…

– Higher aerobic capacity.
– Lower resting heart rate.
– Decreased blood pressure and cholesterol etc.

… then durations of 15-20′ will suffice.

To your great health!

Sports and Fitness • Aerobics Understanding your Aerobic Base

With every sport, there is an element of endurance required. In many sports like Rugby, Futball, Hockey, Cycling, Running and Triathalon, a strong aerobic base is extremely beneficial to performance. Every world class athlete spends countless hours training their aerobic base equally as well as they do their anaerobic power and skills.

So what is an aerobic base? Simply put, an aerobic base is the amount of energy that our body can sustain in a quasi steady state for a set amount of time. This time is the anomaly that we must then define with in the parameters of our sport. For example, in a 90+ futball match, 90 minutes would be the set time. If say you are a cyclist who does road races for 2 hours, then 2 hours would be your time. This doesn’t mean that we train only for that set time, in fact we should train longer.

Building an exercise plan that accurately tracks you energy levels is the tricky part; however, there are relatively inexpensive tools that anyone can purchase to use as training aids. Firstly the heart rate monitor is the easiest to understand what it does and cheapest to afford. You simply need to define your maximum heart rate value. While testing procedures will yield a more accurate number, you can cheat and use a little math to get started. Take 220 and subtract your age from it. This should give you a reasonable estimate for your max hear rate.

Watch: Jawbone fitness trackers now also monitor your sleep, heart rate

Traditional fitness based knowledge has the target training zone between 55%-85% of your maximum hear rate. This is a hugely broad range, and depending on the time and method in which you apply your heart rate in this zone, changes the adaptations gained and the level of fatigue.

There are 3 levels of aerobic exercise that a sound program will employ. These levels are endurance training, lactic threshold training, VO2max training. Each of these will employ your hear rate at a different value for a different time; though, a sound program will employ these areas properly and as accurately as possible. Each zone will also be used at different times of the year or macro cycle.

Endurance training will have you using a heart rate range of 55%-75% of max for times ranging from 30 minutes to even 90 minutes. You’ll find that you aerobic gains won’t be a lot here, but you are setting the ground work for higher efforts, and burning off energy at a relatively low rate of fatigue.

Threshold training is possibly the most fundamental zone to train in since the adaptations gained are the most effect for all levels of aerobic energy output. Threshold heart rate is 75% to 85% of max heart rate. You’ll find that you gains are coming a lot quicker, but now you are having a much higher rate of fatigue.

VO2max training targets building the maximum aerobic potential you have. VO2max training should not be taken lightly and should only be done by professionally trained individuals, under the supervision of professionals or at your own health risk. It is important to remember that VO2max training is extremely taxing on the body, the rate of fatigue is extremely high. This is of course offset with the speed at which aerobic gains can be made. VO2max has a target heart rate of 85%+. If you can get to the level of being able to handle these efforts you will find them most beneficial for your aerobic base.

Building an aerobic base is not simple and should be done under the supervision of a trained professional. Remember, ⅓ of sports is aerobic in nature. Don’t forget to maintain the engine of that muscle car you have a body.

Injectable steroids: Are they really beneficial?

Be it a search for holy waters or Pirates of Caribbean! The desire of staying strong which implies stoppage of time has been so strong that human beings created unbelievable myths about it. Now we are to be congratulated that we have transformed the myth of holy waters of youth and strength into something very achievable and the desire is no more a desire but a reality only a click away from your reach.

That something is steroids!!

Now you don’t have to worry about your strength and capability.  you can get it faster than popye’s spinach and potent than Thor’s axe. Steroids have changed the concept of time and space. Who says time does not stop? With steroids it surely does for us!

Steroids come in eatable as well as injectable forms. They are beneficial for restoring power in both forms but the injectable have some extra features to them. Though both have the same contents but the mode of transmission is responsible for mighty difference and the great fact is that the difference is positive.

Steroids are mostly used by body builders and various other athletes now. It was back in 1930s that anabolic steroids were discovered and now are used very frequently in all spheres of life other than body building and athletics.

Benefits of injectable steroid:

  • Injectable steroids are very efficient and effective for enhancing body strength and developing muscle mass. They are best for making you feel the best in you.
  • The Injectable Steroids are supposed to have no harmful effects for other body parts as is the case with certain oral steroids. Various users and researchers are suggesting the less harmful nature of the injectable.
  • The oral steroids are supposed to have adverse effects on the liver but the injectable steroids escape that because of the absence of 17 a methyl in them.
  • There are various injectable steroids that are dissolved in water rather than oil and water enhances the efficiency as well as frequency of the steroid. They are seen to have very fast effect and less saturated to affect the body in general.
  • The speed of injectable steroids, Is over all is greater than the oral ones. So if you are looking for immediate and safe effect then injectable steroids are just what you want.

The availability:

There are a number of injectable steroids and complete circles available in the market. They can be ordered online and there are sites that are offering discounts. Otherwise you can buy them yourself with hundred percent FDA clearances.

There are various steroids cycles available in the market and you may want to avail the opportunity. It is so easy to be like Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman. You just have to name your wish. Apart from these fantastic cycles there are others for starters and for the experts and advanced steroids users. These cycles come with complete guidelines for the user. They will elaborate the amount of the steroids and how many times is to be taken. It will specify the total duration of the intake and everything related to it until the final outcome is achieved.

Advantages of Aerobic Oxygen and Colon Cleanser

Most of the diseases that people suffer are usually caused by viruses and germs. Aerobic Oxygen helps in killing diseases that are motivated by germs and viruses. It contains balanced oxygen in concentrated form. It is does not contain Hydrogen Peroxide nor it is a Chlorine Dioxide product. It is a compound which is created by the process as well as reaction to ingredients that are used for producing non-toxic and strong oxygen compound.  Ingredients utilized are of food grade. With its positive results and benefits it is sold in different parts of the world.

Increase Blood Circulation

Aerobic Oxygen is an effective and safe method of introducing oxygen in the bloodstream and improves your blood flow. This is important for those who spend maximum time in some stuffy offices. It is even beneficial for people who have cold hands and feet, because in such cases it increases blood circulation and provides warmth.

Rises Immune System

It boasts of strong antibacterial properties with no dangerous negative effects.  It is effective against kidney infections, any sore throats, ulcers and many more.  Since oxygen increases production of blood cell, it automatically supports in firming up the immune system, thus protecting against any health complications. For example, the development and growth of cells that causes cancer is guarded by the presence of oxygen.

Respiratory Efficiency

People who experience breathlessness related to asthma or emphysema or sinus disorders know the importance of oxygen supply to their body. It is important for people whose lungs are weak. It offers an opportunity of developing their health by passing oxygen through the sick bronchial passages and enriching the whole body.

Boosts Energy Levels

When you consume Aerobic Oxygen it supports in the oxidation process and increases the consumption of nutrients.  This action supports in the production of energy. An increase in the energy levels due to its intake generally results in mental alertness as well as improved concentration. The most important thing about this is  it does not have any negative effects on human beings. It is a nontoxic compound as well as it even boosts the dissolved oxygen volume in fluids.

Colon Cleanser Best for Yeast Infection

Candida albicans is an organism which is actually responsible for yeast infections disturbing the human body. This organism is present as a unique species in the body. Unusual population explosion of yeast can take place under any conditions. In this type of cases yeast multiplies rapidly resulting in the development of difficult physical symptoms in human being. Candida causes a variety of symptoms as it spoils more of your digestive system including allergies, bloating and gas. Yeast infection is a common affliction. The organism even spoils the lungs, prostate, liver, heart and vagina causing several types of disorders. It is important as well as necessary to look for its treatment.

How Colon Cleansing Help?

Taking lots of anti-biotic medications generally results in yeast infections. These medicines not only kill the bad bacteria but also the good ones. When the good bacteria are killed then the Candida starts multiplying fast. Any individual can get better after going through the cleansing process of large intestine. If you want to start a colon cleansing process, you must first begin by removing the yeast and junk which is currently present in your large intestine.Colon cleanser produces many health benefits which will support you to live long. If some of the waste is stubborn then detoxification process might be essential to support things along.  There are several colon cleansing natural herbs that have proved to be beneficial against these infections. Use these herbs for treatment along with anti-biotic for preventing Candida, while cleansing waste as well as toxins of colon.